Reverse Appliques on my mind

One of JJ’s Christmas gifts from my sister was an Amy Tangerine reverse applique t-shirt. It is adorable and whenever he wears it, I always get many comments on how cute his shirt is! If you can’t really tell from the picture, the tie shape is cut out of the t-shirt and then a piece of fabric is stitched to the fabric, creating a reverse applique.

I think I can make something similar. I would use lightweight interfacing (what I use for all my machine applique-ing) to keep the applique cut out crisp and securely adhered to the t-shirt material. Maybe I’ll create a tute! Dare to dream…

Between the quilt I need to make for Brady Gaga and the onesie project, I need another project like I need a hole in my head. But this had been occupying my mind all day yesterday, so I am thinking I really should do it. And a little friend of ours is turning 2 in a few months – she might be the perfect recipient of one of our first reverse applique t-shirts!

For those who think JJ never cries or fusses, these next couple pictures are for you! He was in full on melt down mode before music class yesterday – not quite sure why, probably a little tired. But he ended up being fine for class – just was really feeling bad for himself during our little photo shoot:

Yes, he is resting his head on the stairs! Poor, poor boy 🙂

WAHHHH! WAHHHHHH! He really wanted to hold the camera, but then I couldn’t giggle and capture this wonderful moment 😉 He is such a faker – once I let him hold the camera, the waterworks and drama immediately shut off.

Bubs – you are a piece of work! I love you so so much!!!!


3 responses to “Reverse Appliques on my mind

  1. Houston’s child advocacy just called me at work and want to know why you are depriving poor Bubba of his camera time!!

  2. hmmm…water works that shut on and off automatically once he gets his way…i wonder who he inherited this trait from 😉

  3. he cried several times while I was in Houston, he stopped as soon as he got what he want….he looks cute even when he crying, I miss him…

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