Onesie Project completed and Happy President’s Day

This weekend, I was able to craft a bit for Brady Gaga – and finally got his / her monthly photo onesies finished!  It wasn’t a hard project, per se, but it just had a lot of steps and took some time.

First, I designed what I wanted to numbers to look like – nothing too elaborate, but I wanted something more than just a painted number.  So I came up with dotes around the number in a circle, but that ended up not working, so I did just a circle with the number inside.  Then I had to print out all the numbers and circles onto freezer paper – then cut out – for my freezer paper stencil.

Here’s everything ready to be assembled:

This is when I realized I should have asked my sister if I could have custody of the Slice when she was in India.  That would have been helpful – then I would not have had to cut everything out by hand.  And I also have decided I could truly benefit from a Silhouette cutting machine – it is pretty high on my wish list 🙂 as it can cut paper and fabric!  Anyway…

Then I ironed on all the numbers and circles onto the onesies.  Here are all the prepped onesies – I just had to put a little piece of parchment paper inside the onesie before I started painting.

Here is a onesie in the middle of the painting process:

And here is all of the onesies after being painted, drying.

And here they are in all their glory, after I peeled off the freezer paper and heat set them all:

I really love how they turned out! And they are all organic cotton onesies, which is great.  I would like to figure out how to do this concept a little quicker, so that I can make it as gifts for friends.  I am thinking that maybe the Silhouette could really help me out in that respect.  Maybe a fabric number applique instead of the paint?

I know I only have 0-11, for month 12, Brady Gaga will wear a normal outfit, like JJ did in his monthly photos.

And here is the little man himself, wishing everyone a happy President’s Day!

(I love his outfit, I think it makes him look like he went to the U!)


4 responses to “Onesie Project completed and Happy President’s Day

  1. Brady Gaga is going to be one lucky baby having Tingaling as his/her mumsie.

    I should warn you though that JJ has been eyeing those onesies. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he, elephant, donkey and tri-pod puppy weren’t already hatching an Ocean 11 type heist for them. I saw them all huddled up the other day around JJ and he was using his wooden spoon to point out different points on a map. When I got close though they all went quiet and JJ just smiled and made the sign for book, then diaper, then milk. He repeated all three slowly a second time and then the others just slowly turned and walked away whistling.

  2. all the onesies are beautiful, I love the colors…JJ looks like a big brother…

  3. Those are adorable – love them! You can certainly ask joe to bring the slice by if you want…it’s all in the Lulu bag still.
    JJ is getting so big!!!!

  4. congratulations! you did it! wow! 11 onesies in one weekend, girl you are too much! : ) they are soooo cute! and i love the apron as well! i can’t believe how you seriousely bust out more than one craft a week!

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