Deadline Crafter Strikes Again – Full Sized Apron Complete!

One of Boom’s sisters turns the big 4-oh at the end of this week.  L is really kind and into baking, so I knew I wanted to send her some baking cook books (I picked this one and this one, since she is a gluten-free girl).  But I also really wanted to make her an apron – but as you all know, I really didn’t need another project on my plate.  I was planning on making a quick half apron, but decided that a full apron would be much more useful.  So I had to find a tute – and a quick one, at that.  I came across this tute – many thanks to Mandy/Sugar Bee blog – it fit the bill exactly!  Cute, and quick.

I think it came out quite well!

I even made some adjustments to make it even quicker – here are my changes:

1) I added the top trim measurements to the top trim fabric and the waist trim to the lower measurements – and then finished the edges like a napkin, except on top section’s bottom edge that connects to the lower portion.

2) I sewed the ribbon right onto the front of the fabrics – so the “waist” ribbon enclosed the top sections raw bottom edge.

3) I also omitted the ruffle at the bottom and pocket (inadvertently on the pocket – just forgot to make it and once I remembered, I had already wrapped and packaged up the apron to be mailed).

I thought about using ribbon for the neck and waist ties, but I didn’t.  That would have saved some time as well.  This is what works for me for turning out long tubes of fabric (like the ties):  pin a safety pin on one end of the tube.  Use a chopstick to push the safety pin to the opposite opening – then just push the fabric over the chop stick – right side out.  It works like a dream!

I think this apron probably took around 3 hours to make from start to finish – which is very good considering it is a full apron and it is detailed and cute.  I had to split it up over 2 days, but in  a pinch, one could certainly do it in a single sitting.  Very good for such a deadline driven crafter as myself!

Here is the hubs begrudgingly modeling the apron I handmade for his sister!

I mailed it off today – maybe she’ll get it on her actual bday!  I hope she likes it and appreciates the hard work that went into it!





4 responses to “Deadline Crafter Strikes Again – Full Sized Apron Complete!

  1. great job – love that fabric!

  2. good job?? looks really great…

  3. You are on such a roll – I am tres impressed!! Everything turns out so cute – I don’t know how you make the time to accomplish so much!! Oh – and I LOVE that you had J model the apron. HEE HEE!!!! 🙂 What a good sport!!

  4. So cute! I love the fabric and ribbon you used.
    Boom makes the perfect model 🙂

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