Fun at the Park

On Monday (President’s Day), Boom was able to come home a bit early and join JJ and I for our standing date to the park.  Which was excellent for everyone involved!  JJ loves having his dad around and I am getting to the point where climbing on the play structure is not really fun for me (since I am only 3 1/2 weeks until my due date!).

Look at that adorable baby!  He is getting to be such a big boy!  He is obsessed with trucks and calls them “tucks”!  His top right molar is nearly fully in, and his top left one is starting to emerge.

My two favorite guys – here they are on the slide.  So glad Boom was there to take him down – or at least I could catch him at the bottom.  Going down a slide for me right now is not really all that fun.

Wee!  Running on the hill!  JJ is becoming a good runner!  and he loves it when I skip / do high knees.  He tries to do so as well, and usually can only do the high knee with his right leg.  So freaking cute!

He knows where his belly button is – and where his ears, eyes, hair, nose, hand, feet, and hand are.

He also knows where Mustang’s belly button is!

The mirror at the park (and also at home) is one of his favorite spots.  He always has to kiss that handsome baby he sees in the reflection!  Doesn’t seem like he has any self confidence issues – which is a good thing!

The boys love having a dada to play with – dada is definitely are more active and interactive than I can be right now.  So glad Boom was able to join us and that I captured some of the fun he and JJ had together!  Love you both so much!


5 responses to “Fun at the Park

  1. I was just going to ask you to post a preg pic – then I spotted your cute belly in the background of one of these photos. You look great!! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet BG!!

  2. That is one good looking belly button on that boy!

  3. Looks like you have been very busy Ting. Sure LB is going to love her B-day gift and seeing John in it is even better. Glad you all had a great day at the park. You got some great pictures. Think you should go into relaxation mode before your delivery. You know what it will be like for you once you are home with two to keep up with. You are going to need the reserve!
    Hope all goes easy and smooth, you will be in our thoughts. Love to all.

  4. I love seeing JJ’s little buddha belly! I just want to give him a big tight hug!
    Hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you. Take it easy!Miss you!

  5. love that cutie little belly…..

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