15 months!

Dearest Bubs –

You turned 15 months yesterday!  Wow – time is just flying by!  (and if Brady Gaga were on your timeline, s/he’d already be born!)  You are really becoming a little boy, with so much personality!  Though you are becoming a bit more clingy – but that is just the age.

A lot of changes have been happening around here – about a week or so ago I decided that you need to start climbing the stairs yourself instead of my carrying you – since my belly is so big.  You are not a huge fan of that – but you are learning.  You cry less now when I don’t carry you, and you know that I will hold your hand.  It is good to have a little prize that I can move up the stairs, just out of your reach – and then you get to have it at the top of the stairs!

Despite my not carrying you up the stairs, you are still my boyfriend:

I love love love this picture!  So glad my friend was able to capture it!  How adorable are you?!  Way too adorable!

You love being outside and are really happiest when we are at the park or somewhere you can just run and play.  or when we are at home reading a book:

Sometimes we have to read books 4-5 times in a row!  I hear that is rather unusual for such a young boy to have such a long  attention span – I love it!  You are still a huge Dr. Seuss fan, and have been loving Ten Apples Up on Top.  The drama with the mop! the mop! gets you every time!

and if you are inside, you do love your creature comforts:

You always call dibs on anything soft.  It is really quite hilarious.

You are obsessed with trucks and puppies… and since we unpacked him, MoBo.

MoBo was your Grampy J’s childhood toy!  And Dada remembers playing with it hwen he was little as well – very special to have a toy that all 4 generations of JJB’s have had interactions with.  You are still a little unsure of it, but are clearly intrigued.  You try to say MoBo (comes out BoBo) and like to point and look at MoBo, but getting to close is not really something you are interested in.  Dada and I will need to do a little work on MoBo to get some of the rust off and then to seal him up.

You also love helping Dada run models – garsh, some of them are so simple….

and you don’t mind helping Dada correct some of the books that come his way.

We did our first at-home craft with our friends J-Burk and B-Burk – it turned out quite well:

You both were good sports – and after about 4 1/2 minutes, you guys were over the crafting.  So then we played.  and you guys really played well together!  Which was so great – giving J-Burk and mama time to catch up a bit.

You are really good at waving and saying “Bu-bye”.  and you have recently been very interested in babies – which is a good thing.  You can mimic me when I tell and show you how to be gentle by patting the baby’s foot.  You also sign baby very well – and that always impresses people.  I wonder if you know that you are about to get your very own baby soon!

You also have been wanting Cowgirl to hold you, which I think is adorable!  We see them enough that you are very comfortable with her – too bad she is also preggers – there is always a belly in the way!

We’ve had a lot of fun this month – with the weather improving, we’ve been able to be out and about, which is good.  and you are just so smart, a baby genius really – so many times you do something or put things together that surprise me.  I just shouldn’t underestimate you!  For example, the other day you were pointing at the closet – and then you signed shoes, because you knew that the shoes were in the closet!

I am excited to see how you interact with Brady Gaga – I know you will be the best big brother.  You are the best little guy in the whole world – mama loves you so so much.  Everyday, even if I am tired and grumpy, I am so thankful and grateful that I get to spend it with you.  There is no harder or more important job in the whole world than raising a good person.  Hopefully we are well on our way!




4 responses to “15 months!

  1. 15 months already….JJ becomes a handsome, adorable, loving little man….I love you JJ…..

  2. 15 months already, JJ becomes a handsome, adorable, loving little man, JJ, you are always in my mind, I love you ….

  3. I am missing the little (big?) peanut! I absolutely adore that kissing photo – should edit and frame it!
    I miss you guys…wish you could be here to experience life in India!

  4. JJ,

    It has been a great month watching you continue to learn new things and express your personality in different ways. You are really active and know what you want and are not afraid to make those feelings known.

    It was a busy month for me at work so I did not get the chance to put you to bed as much as I would like, but the times that I did were fantastic. Mama claims that when she gets about halfway through your bedtime routine that you sit up, look her in the eye and say bu-bye while waving her out of the room. You have not done that to me and I really appreciate it. I likt to think that maybe I have a nicer singing voice than Mama, but I think maybe it has to do more with the fact that you indulge me a little more since we don’t see each other as much.

    We moved you into your new room this month and out of the nursery. We thought you might have some issues transitioning, but no way. You seem to love the new room and like being able to run around the crib. It is a big game for you and you laugh soo much when you are doing it. I spent a lot of time painting the room this month so I am glad that you like the finished product. Mama and I are looking forward to getting things up on the wall and making the room more of your own.

    This month also included a very important milestone between Father and Son. When I came home from work on a Satureday you ran to me to give me my customary hug at the door. This time though you were determined and when I came in for the hug you pushed me over and pinned me to the ground. As you were laying on top of me you had the biggest smile on your face like you had accomplished a major victory with the take down. We were both laughing and laughing.

    You also really started getting into babies this month and can sign the work baby really well and always say Bay-Bay when you see a baby in a stroller. Mama taught you what gentle means and you always softly pat the baby on the foot to let them know you are excited to see them. Moma and I hope this bodes well for the arrival of Brady Gaga this month.

    We got come great pictures this month from the park and are having a lot of fun when we get to play with one another at the park or in the yard. One of our favorite games is for me to chase you around. You always stop and run towards me at the end and we both laugh. Moma says you shouldn’t run towards someone chasing you, but I tell it is because you are fearless and always try to go on the offensive and put me on the defensive.

    We started a bit of a family tradition this month taking you out to breakfast on Sunday mornings. It has worked out really well so far as you peple watch and end up eating huge quantities of food. Then you come home and take the longest naps known to man.

    Mama and I love you an awful lot and feel so lucky that we get to play with you, teach you new things and watch you continue to learn and grow. You are really smart and are picking up so much that we are always shocked by it. We can’t wait to see what adventures the next month brings and to see you become a big brother. We both know that Brady Gaga is the luckiest boy/girl in the world to have you to look up to.


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