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Sweet Sixteen

My dearest Sweet Sweet –

This past Sunday you turned 16 months! Where has the time gone?! So much has happened this month – the biggest news being you are now an older brother! And you are a really good one – already. You know to be gentle and sweet to little Sailor, and I am sure you guys are going to the best of friends! Like Drew Brees says, the greatest gift you can give to your son is a younger brother 🙂

I feel like you are just growing leaps and bounds – not just physically, as you are quite large compared to little Sailor, but intellectually as well. You seem to understand everything I say, and everything Popo says, so I guess you are officially bilingual! Physically, you seem like somewhat of a real giant to me, since I am dealing with Sailor a lot of the time. So sturdy, with such nice stems! and some big calves, sorry – those are from me. Hopefully, at least, you won’t have any knee issues, since you will have muscular legs.

And your feet – they are just too adorable for words! Plump and just cute cute cute! Dad says you have his foot, but my toes. I think it is the perfect combo! Little Sailors feet are skinny, like yours once were. His toes really look a lot like Dad’s toes.

You are also able to get on and off your rockin’ rhino all by yourself – that is a huge feat in itself! Every time you get on him, you look around, expecting applause and cheering, which we all supply in great quantities. You don’t like to stay on for too too long, maybe you just want to get on for all the accolades.

You are still loving being outside and at the park. Here is the last time I was at the park with you – you sure do love taking rides in Mustang’s wagon! I miss not being able to go to the park with you – but soon enough I will be well enough to get back on our usual routine, with a little Sailor in tow. Popo and Dad have been taking you to the park – and by all reports, you are still your sweet little self.

I miss not being able to scoop you up – and you have now even nearly stopped asking me to pick you up, which makes me sad. Again, I am on the mend and will be back to my normal self soon! and then there will be lots of scooping up. I still try to squeeze you tight, whenever you will let me, and also kiss you a thousand times. I guess I am finding out that having a 2nd baby is tough – as I am used to being able to pour all my attention on you. Now I have to split my attention. I hope you don’t mind too much. In the end, I think you’ll love having Sailor around.

Anyway, I love you, my original Sweet Sweet. I love you so so much.  More than I can ever express.



Happiness is…

… seeing what a good big brother JJ already is!

JJ loves to say “bay-bee” and help out by handing burp cloths to me and Popo.

Happiness is also seeing Boom and JJ together:

Boom is such a great dad, and I think this week off he is taking is really helping JJ transition into his role as big bro.  JJ is loving having dad around so much! Booms taken JJ to school, to a few of the neighborhood parks, and this morning he is at music class with him!  I warned him he’d be the only dad, but Boom doesn’t care about that.  He just wants to spend time and have fun with JJ!

Not only is Boom a great dad, he is a great hubby.  He even went to the monogram store for me – even I didn’t think he’d be game to do that, but he was, and it was a huge help!

I am such a lucky, lucky gal in so many ways!


On St. Patrick’s Day, Boom, Baby J and I welcomed a new lucky leprechaun into our lives!  Sailor is indeed a lucky boy, and we sure are so so so lucky to have him!

Could he be any more adorable?!  I think not.  And JJ seems to be transitioning into his role as big brother quite nicely.  JJ is a good, sweet boy.

It is just so crazy to me that we are now a family of four – that I have two sons!  I love my boys so so much!

I love all the faces and expressions little Sailor makes.  So hilarious!  And total de ja vu for Boom and I – Sailor looks so much like Baby J did when he was a wee one.

Mother Nature is pretty smart – no matter what we moms have to go through, the end prize of a perfect little baby makes everything else seem so insignificant.  And I never thought I could love anything as much as I love Baby J, that there wouldn’t be enough in my heart to go around, but now I know that is wrong.

Boom – Baby J – Sailor – you guys make me the luckiest gal in the whole world!!!



Sorry for the light posting as of late – I have just been trying to survive these past few and upcoming days.  I am due in 2 days (eek!) and am feeling really preggers and uncomfortable.

This is what I see when I look down – the little spot of dark pink is a water droplet.  Usually there are crumbs on the belly shelf as well.  I think my belly button is starting to become an outie – so ridiculous!

I started having contractions 2 nights ago – and some major pain in my back.  Yesterday, I went to my doula for a labor prep massage (so good!) and she informed me the baby’s back was on my back, and thus causing back labor pain.  Last night the doula came over to try to spin the baby so baby’s back is on my belly, the correct position.  She was successful!  So now the contractions, when they come, are just more intense with a lot of pressure down there.

The contractions have kind of tapered off, so I think I need to walk around a bit to get them up and started again.  But then when I do walk, and contractions come, they aren’t so fun and it is usually best if I am near something I can hold onto.

No one ever told me the road to labor was so uncomfortable and long.  I figured once contractions started, it would only be a matter of time (hours, not days).  I commented to Boom that one of the positives of Baby J coming via C-section at 37 weeks is I never got this uncomfortable.  Oh well, such is life and I will survive!

Anyway, here are my two best guys:

Hopefully we’ll be adding a little one (guy or gal) soon!

Bu-bye Baby Mullet!

Yesterday, Baby J got his first hair cut (at 15 months!).  I knew he really needed one, but didn’t realized quite how much he had needed one until after the cut.

Here are a couple before shots where you can really see the baby mullet:

Party in the back is in full effect!

At the barber shop, J was being so brave when we put him on the booster seat and when the cape was put on him.

But I could tell he was scared – just didn’t know what was going on.  And pretty soon after, he started to cry.

Especially since the barber used the electric cutter thing – I am sure Baby J was all, what in the world is going on?!

Although there were tears, he remained still as a statue – such a good, good boy!

And after it was all done, he was pleased with the results.  As were Popo and I – I really think he looks even cuter than before, which I never thought was possible.  He definitely looks older and more mature.  Before the cut, Popo was all, we don’t need to go to a barber.  I can cut his hair.  But after, she was all, that was great!  So worth it – they did a great job.  She was impressed, and she doesn’t impress easily.

J also got a First Hair Cut Certificate – too adorable!

I really liked the barber shop – and liked that his first hair cut was at a barber shop.  Very apropos for a little boy.

Here we are after the haircut at the park:

All of his buddies (moms) loved his new ‘do!  and commented on how he really looks like a little boy now.

Which I agree with, but it makes me a little sad.  However, in 2 weeks or less, there will be a new baby, so I guess I don’t have to be too sad.  But JJ will always be my first baby.  Love you, J, so so much!!!!

No Rest for the Weary

Brady Gaga update:  There is actually not too much to update.  As of Monday, I am 1 cm dialated, but that really doesn’t mean too much. BG has until 730am on March 24th to arrive on his / her terms.  At that point, the doc will be going in to retrieve him / her!  Let’s all hope s/he will be ready to come out before then!

However, I have made some progress with some of BG’s items-to-be-made:

Here is his / her 5th and final receiving blanket – yellow seersucker with kelly green bias tape edging.  For the record, gingham edging on the bias is SO cute!  Much cuter than just cutting the gingham straight.  I used a whole yard of gingham to make real bias tape, so I have lots of it now…

Many thanks to Dana for her excellent tutorial!  It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  (I also want to try my hand at making basic pants for JJ with this other tutorial of hers.)  I seriously don’t know what I would do without all these great tuts out in blogland (probably have a lot more free time – hehehe)!  Many thanks!

And I have made the edging, cut the back and inside of BG’s monthly picture bunting blanket.  The big news is I finally sewed all the actual buntings onto the front of it!  Had to iron them all down (since I actually fused them to the front fabric) and then machine applique them on 2 sides.

The tops of the buntings will be covered with bias tape that matches the fabric for the name that will go across the top of the blanket.  All that will have to wait until BG’s arrives – so everything that I can do I have done for this blanket.  Which is good.

And JJ and I are still up to our usual shinanagans…

Playgroup fun:

(Jack is getting a haircut today – his baby mullet is getting to be too much!)

Hanging out with friends (and large safari animals – JJ loves Ginger the Giraffe!):

And of course enjoying the great weather at our neighborhood park (our lovely home-away-from-home):

Last week was great since Boom took Friday off and we got to spend time together for 3 straight days!

The only issue with the nice weather is that the parks in the neighborhood get totally packed and chaotic!  There are people who drive in (probably takes them 20 minutes!) to use my neighborhood parks.  Which is kind of annoying – you’d think they’d just use some parks out where they live.  Sigh – oh well.


The Reinforcement

My mom, JJ’s Popo, got into town yesterday – YAY!  I know I was really excited to see her, as was Boom, and definitely JJ was too.  We had been practicing his saying “Popo” for a few days, and he was able to do so (once he decided he wanted to) when she was here.

Sunday afternoon they played and played together – I love the sound of him laughing, and he was just laughing and laughing when they were playing together.  It is really, really sweet.

Even Boom commented, JJ loves your mom so much!  Yes, it is true, he most certainly does.  What is not to love, when someone thinks you are the cat’s meow!

Last night, though, it really occurred to me how less stressed I felt because my mom is here.  It is nice not having to worry about who will watch JJ if/when I go into labor.

Speaking of, Brady Gaga has 17 days before my scheduled C- section.  Hopefully s/he will cooperate and decide to come out naturally!