Paint, paint everywhere!

This morning Baby J and I went to art class.  I have been wanting to try this class out, but JJ’s nap schedule has been evolving, so it hasn’t been until now that the timing has worked out.  And it was wild….

Here he is at the beginning of class – look at how clean he is!  Love his adorable smock that Auntie Al gave to us (the other mothers were all, Where did you get that?!  It is perfect!).

Here are some of the kiddies helping to paint the box.  and the buckets of easily accessible paint.

Stepping back to inspect the progress on the box.  He likes what he sees, but knows there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.

Baby J is all, I love to paint!

But now he really in taking charge – paint everywhere!  Lips, hands …

… and ear!  But he thinks the box is looking better…

Baby J took a brief break from painting the box to go on to the 2nd station – painting on bubble wrap to make prints!  He’s all business… (notice all the paint in his hair – lots of paint in his hair!)

and here is his bubble wrap print – pretty cool!

Back to the box – the smock is nearly unrecognizable now!

Baby J had a really good time, and that is the most important thing.  Notice all the paint on his feet and literally in between his toes…

Whew!  Being an artist is hard work.  An even better shot of the bottom of his feet.  Paint was really everywhere – even got on his belly under his smock and shirt!

I ended up having to use the tub there – and just trying to get most of the paint off.  J was exhausted afterward – between being in a brand new environment with new adults and kids, and then all the tactile stimulation of the paint and then a tub to boot!  He was begging for “nigh nigh” once we got home.

Here are his clothes before I hosed them down – not sure they will all survive.  They will be his art outfit from now on!

I think I have all the signs of a successful art class:  tubby on site, post-class napping baby, and clothes covered in paint.  I hope we can make it to the next class – but it is the day before my due date!  Maybe PoPo, JJ and I can all go to art class then.



4 responses to “Paint, paint everywhere!

  1. Ting think you are nut, are you planning on Jack taking over the hoome projects. He may be faster than his father , but not as neat. Glad you were able to give him a tub there, hope you had a change of clothes. Must have been difficult getting him and the tub clean after the bath, the belly I am sure was in the way. You are a good and caring mother and put way to much pressure on yourself. He does have potential though. Love Mom B

  2. Aww, love it – looks like J had so much fun!! So glad the art smock worked out well too! What great photo opps in that class – I’m sure you are so glad you had your camera. That is really smart of them to have a tub there – I was wondering how you were going to get him in the car to go home! 😉

  3. AWWW….I am impressed….what funs he had….but it’s too much for you, I don’t mind to take him to the art class..

  4. fun fun snaps! He is such a cutie but my favorite photo is the one of half of you and him after he is nice and clean again 🙂

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