Another peek…

I have really been enjoying JJ’s first year book I made on Blurb.  I think the other ones I print I want to add the weekly pregnancy photos of myself (what else am I going to use them for?) that Boom and I painstakingly took as sort of a prologue…

One of my favorite layouts is the photo booth pictures!

(These are 2 pages from the book.)

I love how it looks and really love the photo booth concept!  Hopefully at every birthday I can have a different “photo booth” that compliments the theme of the birthday party.  Who doesn’t love a photo booth!

Anyway, I want to use all of the photo booth pics (I could only put a portion of them in the book layout) to make a poster for JJ’s room.  Winkflash, although it doesn’t have the best user interface, often has great daily sales (for instance, the other day they were doing a sale on 8×10’s for $0.75, so I bought 23 🙂 and I have seen where they have their 16×20 or 16×24 posters on sale for just a few dollars (not that they will break the bank full price either).

Just a couple more things on my craft list of things to do (the poster, and also creating the pregnancy picture prologue)….


2 responses to “Another peek…

  1. Can’t wait to see the book! Take it easy mama, you are on the home stretch. I can’t wait to meet the new person who will be in our life soon!

  2. I can attest that the book is a pretty amazing piece of work. Tingaling’s hard work has once again paid off. JJ and I are both very lucky guys.

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