The Reinforcement

My mom, JJ’s Popo, got into town yesterday – YAY!  I know I was really excited to see her, as was Boom, and definitely JJ was too.  We had been practicing his saying “Popo” for a few days, and he was able to do so (once he decided he wanted to) when she was here.

Sunday afternoon they played and played together – I love the sound of him laughing, and he was just laughing and laughing when they were playing together.  It is really, really sweet.

Even Boom commented, JJ loves your mom so much!  Yes, it is true, he most certainly does.  What is not to love, when someone thinks you are the cat’s meow!

Last night, though, it really occurred to me how less stressed I felt because my mom is here.  It is nice not having to worry about who will watch JJ if/when I go into labor.

Speaking of, Brady Gaga has 17 days before my scheduled C- section.  Hopefully s/he will cooperate and decide to come out naturally!


One response to “The Reinforcement

  1. Glad to hear Mom is with you! I miss you guys lots! Can’t wait to Skype on Wednesday 🙂

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