Sorry for the light posting as of late – I have just been trying to survive these past few and upcoming days.  I am due in 2 days (eek!) and am feeling really preggers and uncomfortable.

This is what I see when I look down – the little spot of dark pink is a water droplet.  Usually there are crumbs on the belly shelf as well.  I think my belly button is starting to become an outie – so ridiculous!

I started having contractions 2 nights ago – and some major pain in my back.  Yesterday, I went to my doula for a labor prep massage (so good!) and she informed me the baby’s back was on my back, and thus causing back labor pain.  Last night the doula came over to try to spin the baby so baby’s back is on my belly, the correct position.  She was successful!  So now the contractions, when they come, are just more intense with a lot of pressure down there.

The contractions have kind of tapered off, so I think I need to walk around a bit to get them up and started again.  But then when I do walk, and contractions come, they aren’t so fun and it is usually best if I am near something I can hold onto.

No one ever told me the road to labor was so uncomfortable and long.  I figured once contractions started, it would only be a matter of time (hours, not days).  I commented to Boom that one of the positives of Baby J coming via C-section at 37 weeks is I never got this uncomfortable.  Oh well, such is life and I will survive!

Anyway, here are my two best guys:

Hopefully we’ll be adding a little one (guy or gal) soon!


3 responses to “Survival

  1. Both Little and Big J are excited to welcome Brady Gaga to the family. We are both really proud of how tough Tingaling is and know that everything will go well once the time arrives! We LYH&H&H

  2. Wowza – that’s a big belly! Looks like BG is one healthy baby! I am so anxious for his/her arrival – of course not as much as you, I am sure. The way I see it, the longer he/she takes to get her the smaller s/he’ll be when I get home!
    Please give my current one and only favorite nephew a big kiss and hug from his best ai-yi!

  3. hoping BG will be here sooner than later…..hoping today…..

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