On St. Patrick’s Day, Boom, Baby J and I welcomed a new lucky leprechaun into our lives!  Sailor is indeed a lucky boy, and we sure are so so so lucky to have him!

Could he be any more adorable?!  I think not.  And JJ seems to be transitioning into his role as big brother quite nicely.  JJ is a good, sweet boy.

It is just so crazy to me that we are now a family of four – that I have two sons!  I love my boys so so much!

I love all the faces and expressions little Sailor makes.  So hilarious!  And total de ja vu for Boom and I – Sailor looks so much like Baby J did when he was a wee one.

Mother Nature is pretty smart – no matter what we moms have to go through, the end prize of a perfect little baby makes everything else seem so insignificant.  And I never thought I could love anything as much as I love Baby J, that there wouldn’t be enough in my heart to go around, but now I know that is wrong.

Boom – Baby J – Sailor – you guys make me the luckiest gal in the whole world!!!


3 responses to “Introducing…

  1. What a beautiful post about an adorable new addition to your darling family! It was so touching to read what you wrote and we couldn’t be happier for you! Really can’t wait to meet Sailor! : )

  2. Yes, Ting – you have me in tears!! What a BEAUTIFUL new addition to such a wonderful and sweet family!! We are just overjoyed for all of you!!

  3. I absolutely cannot wait until I get to meet your new addition and give baby J a big big hug! I will be back next Wednesday so will be by on Thursday, probably after yoga 🙂

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