Happiness is…

… seeing what a good big brother JJ already is!

JJ loves to say “bay-bee” and help out by handing burp cloths to me and Popo.

Happiness is also seeing Boom and JJ together:

Boom is such a great dad, and I think this week off he is taking is really helping JJ transition into his role as big bro.  JJ is loving having dad around so much! Booms taken JJ to school, to a few of the neighborhood parks, and this morning he is at music class with him!  I warned him he’d be the only dad, but Boom doesn’t care about that.  He just wants to spend time and have fun with JJ!

Not only is Boom a great dad, he is a great hubby.  He even went to the monogram store for me – even I didn’t think he’d be game to do that, but he was, and it was a huge help!

I am such a lucky, lucky gal in so many ways!


2 responses to “Happiness is…

  1. Been a great chance to spend some time with Baby J!

  2. So so sweet! Like we had any doubt that JJ would be anything but the best big brother ever! I am counting down the days until I am home 🙂

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