Sweet Sixteen

My dearest Sweet Sweet –

This past Sunday you turned 16 months! Where has the time gone?! So much has happened this month – the biggest news being you are now an older brother! And you are a really good one – already. You know to be gentle and sweet to little Sailor, and I am sure you guys are going to the best of friends! Like Drew Brees says, the greatest gift you can give to your son is a younger brother 🙂

I feel like you are just growing leaps and bounds – not just physically, as you are quite large compared to little Sailor, but intellectually as well. You seem to understand everything I say, and everything Popo says, so I guess you are officially bilingual! Physically, you seem like somewhat of a real giant to me, since I am dealing with Sailor a lot of the time. So sturdy, with such nice stems! and some big calves, sorry – those are from me. Hopefully, at least, you won’t have any knee issues, since you will have muscular legs.

And your feet – they are just too adorable for words! Plump and just cute cute cute! Dad says you have his foot, but my toes. I think it is the perfect combo! Little Sailors feet are skinny, like yours once were. His toes really look a lot like Dad’s toes.

You are also able to get on and off your rockin’ rhino all by yourself – that is a huge feat in itself! Every time you get on him, you look around, expecting applause and cheering, which we all supply in great quantities. You don’t like to stay on for too too long, maybe you just want to get on for all the accolades.

You are still loving being outside and at the park. Here is the last time I was at the park with you – you sure do love taking rides in Mustang’s wagon! I miss not being able to go to the park with you – but soon enough I will be well enough to get back on our usual routine, with a little Sailor in tow. Popo and Dad have been taking you to the park – and by all reports, you are still your sweet little self.

I miss not being able to scoop you up – and you have now even nearly stopped asking me to pick you up, which makes me sad. Again, I am on the mend and will be back to my normal self soon! and then there will be lots of scooping up. I still try to squeeze you tight, whenever you will let me, and also kiss you a thousand times. I guess I am finding out that having a 2nd baby is tough – as I am used to being able to pour all my attention on you. Now I have to split my attention. I hope you don’t mind too much. In the end, I think you’ll love having Sailor around.

Anyway, I love you, my original Sweet Sweet. I love you so so much.  More than I can ever express.




3 responses to “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Love the feet picture! Just toooooo cute! And, yes, sweet Sailor is the BEST gift you can give sweet JJ! We miss hanging out with you guys so much! And, goodness, the thought of not being able to pick up my little boy for a couple weeks just makes me want to cry! Thank you for being the guinea pig for us – we are all learning from your example. Can’t wait to see you! Hugs!

  2. SO so sweet! I can’t wait to scoop JJ up for you and give him a big hug! See you soon!

  3. JJ,

    Your 16th month was an amazing one and I am thankful that I got the opportunity to spend more time with you this month than normal. We can thank your little brother Sailor for that. His arrival consumed a lot of Mama and PoPo’s attention this month so I had the chance to spend a lot of time with you one on one. I got to take you to school and to the park and got to help a little more than normal with your meals, changing, and tub time. Your Mama is an incredible woman because it is a lot of work, but I agree with her, there is nothing in the world that I would rather do than spend time with you and watch as you learn new things.

    This month you were really into learning the names for everything around you and connecting things. When you wake up you point to the ceiling fan in your room and I tell you it is a ceiling fan. Then you crouch down to see into the hallway and point at the ceiling fan out there so I know you understand they are the same thing. You learned to say “Bear” and “Ball” this month and are always pointing at them and telling me what they are.

    When we have breakfast in the morning, someone always comes to pick up one of the neighbors kids for school. They pull into the driveway and honk their horn. You wait for it every morning and when you hear it, you stop everything in the air and scream “Beep, Beep!” We both laugh hysterically. You really are a little jokester and have many little things that just set you off laughing and laughing. The other morning my hair was standing on end, I was bouncing my head back and forth, and you were slapping the table as you laughed and laughed.

    I love making you laugh, but I like it even more when you try to do something to make me laugh. Whether it is breaking into a little dance or making a funny noise, they are all very funny so keep them up and I will keep laughing.

    You are getting a lot more vocal and I have loved it. When you swing at the park or we walk with the stroller. You yell, “DaDaDaDaDaDa!”, then I yell “JaJaJaJaJaJa!”, and we both laugh and just repeat this back and forth to the point of exhaustion.

    You have been eating pretty well this month as well, so hopefully you will continue to grow big and strong. You are a solid little guy with strong legs and a thick build. I have already decided that you will be the starting catcher for the Rice Owls when they win the College World Series in 2028. Your Mama and I will be in the stands cheering the loudest. It will be great because Sailor will be on the team, but only a freshman so he will be learning many great lessons from his big brother.

    If it is not that though it will be something equally amazing! You are a great little boy and I am so proud of what a great big brother you are already for Sailor. I know you guys are going to grow up as best friends and will always know that you have each other’s back!

    Know as well that Mama and I will always have both of your backs!


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