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Cute Cute Cute

Just a little cuteness to share:

Little Sailor, like his big bro, doesn’t mind the bath at all.  And it helps to tire him out, which is a good thing, especially during his evening witching hours.

Hoppy Easter!

Sunday was the first time we had JJ hold little Sailor, and he was most pleased!  You can see what a proud big brother he is.  And a good one – he is so sweet to his baby bro.  Little Sailor already looks up to him as well!  and with good reason – JJ is a really great boy!

JJ went on his third and final Easter egg hunt – and he finally got the hang of picking eggs up and putting them in his basket!  Before this, he would usually pick up 2 eggs and knock them together, like we do with the egg-shaped shakers at music class.

We got JJ this adorable dump truck for Easter that he loves!  His buddy Mustang has the same one, just different colors, and JJ has always loved borrowing his.  So now he has his own.  I love it because it is so big – and cute!  and in UVa colors – perfect!  I think we want to get a UVa sticker to put on the hood.

I had grand plans of making Sailor and JJ (and some special friends) some stuffed bunnies for Easter.  I have sewed them all and turned them right side out, but stuffing and sewing up has proven more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.

(here they are before I sewed them and turned them right side out)

We’ve had a lot going on, not to mention we have a newborn!  So I don’t feel bad – these will eventually be finished and given out as Year of the Golden Rabbit gifts!

As a side note, PoPo is in town now (yay!) for the last time until July (sniff sniff)!

(here she is admiring Sailors double chin!  He is a fatty!)

She has been so helpful – and I have been able to get out in the wee hours of the morning to go on power walks.  I had forgotten how much I love having a little bit of time to myself for exercising early in the morning – it really makes my day!  I hope when she leaves I can still figure out a way to keep on walking and then eventually running!  I will be a really happy girl on that day!


Dearest Little Sailor –

You turned one month about a week and a half ago (sorry for the tardy post) – the days, though hard, seem to be flying by! Even though your brother is not too much older than you, I had totally forgotten how it is to have a newborn! Life with two is much harder than with just one – logistically speaking. When both you and your brother are in need of being fed, and there is only one of me (that has happened for 8 hours so far, but today starts a new era of being the only one here, for at least a week and a half!), it is just hard! Now I realize how easy life is with just one baby… just wish I had appreciated it more at the time.

So you do a lot of sleeping, but you really aren’t on a schedule yet. It probably will be another 2 months before you are really on a schedule, and that is tough for me. But you really only cry when you are hungry or have a dirty diaper or are tired. During the witching hours, you do get fussy, and seem to need to cry a little before you can settle down to sleep. You long sleep stretch seems to come after your evening (8pm-ish) feeding.

Some days I am lucky to get a little cat nap in – the middle of the night feedings are really tough! At least you *usually* will go right back to sleep after that feeding. I think I am getting more used to getting less sleep /disturbed sleep. Helps to have a caffeine jolt mid-morning to power through the day.

You dad is also feeling the effects of having a newborn. Lucky for me, he is a good helper!

This month, you’ve had a lot of grandmother lovin’:

PoPo was a huge help the month that she was here – she loves you and your brother so, so much! She’ll be back tomorrow (yay!) and we are all excited to see her again.

Your Nana was excited to get to meet you! She also was a lot of help for the week and a half she spent down here. Exciting news, you’ll have a little cousin come October! Yay!

You got to meet a lot of the ladies at your Sip and See, which was on your month birthday! I had gotten you a newborn bubble, but it was too little for you! The 3-month bubble was much better. You definitely have gotten my appetite – insatiable! You seem to have a hollow leg, as you eat a lot! But you are really long, so you don’t look too chunky.

I love this picture of you – you look like a little bug! You really are a good baby – and I love you so much. I can’t wait to get to know you as you grow and see your personality develop. As it is, you can go from sound asleep to blood curdling screaming (because you are hungry) in just under 3 seconds – there is no warning whimper from you. We all have learned that you need to be fed ASAP STAT – and that you won’t accept slowness on anyone’s part.

You also hate blankets of any sort on your body – you will often kick them off or somehow remove them.  Whenever I go in for you late night feeding, 9 times out of 10, you no longer have the lightweight blanket I have put on you.

Your brother loves you very much as well. He always wants to kiss you and pat you. I can’t wait until you guys are able to play together! You will both has so much fun!

Buddy, I can’t imagine life without you. You have completed our family! We are a family of 4 (so crazy!). Your dad and I love you so so much!




My mom, PoPo extraordinaire (night nurse and full time helper, as well!), left on Tuesday.    It was a sad day in our household.  PoPo was so very helpful with everything!  But she’ll be back, thank goodness.

The thought of being alone with the 2 babies definitely was a frightening proposition.  Luckily, Boom was able to help out a bunch on Tuesday afternoon / evening – his mom got into town on Wednesday late afternoon.

BUT that meant I had most all of Tuesday with the boys – and it was kind of crazy.  Just crazy in that the little baby eats, poops, and pees constantly.  and sleeps very little.  And crazy in that JJ and I couldn’t leave the house, since the little baby is still too little – I can’t remember a day since he was about 8 weeks old that we didn’t leave the house at least once!  So trying to figure out things to keep him occupied, while I was occupied with little Sailor, was interesting.

Luckily, our friend Little L and her mom came over for a play date in the morning.  That really helped JJ have some fun and use up some energy, whilst staying at home.  Sailor actually napped (in the swing) for most of the play date.  Usually he looks like this in the swing:

Eyes wide open and fully awake!  I guess he was tired and all the noise from the kiddos and toys was good background noise.

I didn’t get any photos during the play date, wish I had, as they were really very cute together!  I realized last night we need to get a sandbox, so that this summer, if we need to be house bound, we can have a fun thing to play in in the backyard.  And JJ loves sand!  Will be fun to have play dates with it.  I hope that my friends don’t mind coming over too much 😉


Now that JJ and the other kiddos in his play group are getting older, they actually are able to play together!  It is really too cute.

Mustang is one of JJ’s oldest buddies – we’ve known them since JJ was a wee 8-week-old baby!  So JJ feels so comfortable around Mustang, and his mama, Cowgirl.  The boys are just horsing around in one of Little A’s wagons – Mustang was sitting in it and JJ wanted to join in!  The more the merrier!

Little L is another one of JJ’s oldest buddies – we met her and Mustang at the same time.  It looks like they are dancing, with Little L taking the lead, but really they are playing “Ring Around the Rosie”.  JJ has just recently been interested in playing “Ring Around the Rosie” – for months earlier his other buddies would play it in the park, and he had no interest.  Now he’ll play with just me, his Auntie Yarbs, other moms, and of course his friends!

[On a somewhat related note, what do the words mean in the “Ring Around the Rosie” song?  I tried to google it, but it seems like it might be something scary, so I am declining to dig any further.]

Here are all 3 of them playing!  So so cute! I really love that JJ has such good friends at such an early age!  I hope that they remain friends for a long, long time.  Especially since JJ got his first kiss from Lina on Friday!  Two kisses, actually!  That was just way too adorable, of course my camera was no where to be found at that point.  But trust me, so so cute!

1st 2nd Birthday Celebration

This past weekend, we went to Little B’s 2nd birthday party at the park.  She is the oldest of our friends, so this was our first ever 2-year-old birthday party!  It was so much fun!  and so adorable – horsie themed and her mom, JM, worked really hard to make it so great.  JJ didn’t love to cowboy hat – I think it was too small for his grape!  I love how the ball is nearly as big as he is!

All these gorgeous stick horsies were made with love by JM – they are just awesome!  and I know they were a lot of work, and she was really too sweet to make them for all the kiddies!

JJ loved the craft corner – and being with his buddies.

And he really loved the wagon and being pulled in the wagon.  Along with Chik-fil-a – he ate more chicken than he ever has in his entire life!  I guess that is the secret to getting him to eat meat – buy Chik-fil-a nuggets.  He really did eat quite a bit.

And here is the birthday girl herself, with her grandma and wonderful mommy!  I wanted to get a pic of us with them, but forgot to.  Too, too adorable!

I love being part of such a great group of mommies and kids.  It is amazing to watch them grow!  Here is a picture from a birthday party from last August – both Little B and Baby J have grown so much!

Congrats, Little B, on turning 2!  That is a huge milestone and we have been so glad to have been part of your life!  Hugs to you and your wonderful mommy!