1st 2nd Birthday Celebration

This past weekend, we went to Little B’s 2nd birthday party at the park.  She is the oldest of our friends, so this was our first ever 2-year-old birthday party!  It was so much fun!  and so adorable – horsie themed and her mom, JM, worked really hard to make it so great.  JJ didn’t love to cowboy hat – I think it was too small for his grape!  I love how the ball is nearly as big as he is!

All these gorgeous stick horsies were made with love by JM – they are just awesome!  and I know they were a lot of work, and she was really too sweet to make them for all the kiddies!

JJ loved the craft corner – and being with his buddies.

And he really loved the wagon and being pulled in the wagon.  Along with Chik-fil-a – he ate more chicken than he ever has in his entire life!  I guess that is the secret to getting him to eat meat – buy Chik-fil-a nuggets.  He really did eat quite a bit.

And here is the birthday girl herself, with her grandma and wonderful mommy!  I wanted to get a pic of us with them, but forgot to.  Too, too adorable!

I love being part of such a great group of mommies and kids.  It is amazing to watch them grow!  Here is a picture from a birthday party from last August – both Little B and Baby J have grown so much!

Congrats, Little B, on turning 2!  That is a huge milestone and we have been so glad to have been part of your life!  Hugs to you and your wonderful mommy!



5 responses to “1st 2nd Birthday Celebration

  1. That is one tough looking cowboy! Nobody better step out of line in his part of the West!

  2. Teehee, I was checking your blog to catch some of the latest pics of Fisher, and I was so surprised to see Bekah! Ting, what a sweet post! Thank you! It wouldn’t have been the same with you guys, thank you so much for coming! You just topped yourself, posting about Bekah’s party before I did, you with TWO kids and me with one! Agh, I have some catching up to do, huh??? Really can’t wait to meet the little guy on Thursday! Oh and I love that old picture of us at Lina’s party, our little ones are so big!

  3. looking great, cowboy!!!!!!!!!

  4. He looks so adorable in that first photo 🙂

  5. I assume that “adorable” is the Indian word for “tough”?

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