Now that JJ and the other kiddos in his play group are getting older, they actually are able to play together!  It is really too cute.

Mustang is one of JJ’s oldest buddies – we’ve known them since JJ was a wee 8-week-old baby!  So JJ feels so comfortable around Mustang, and his mama, Cowgirl.  The boys are just horsing around in one of Little A’s wagons – Mustang was sitting in it and JJ wanted to join in!  The more the merrier!

Little L is another one of JJ’s oldest buddies – we met her and Mustang at the same time.  It looks like they are dancing, with Little L taking the lead, but really they are playing “Ring Around the Rosie”.  JJ has just recently been interested in playing “Ring Around the Rosie” – for months earlier his other buddies would play it in the park, and he had no interest.  Now he’ll play with just me, his Auntie Yarbs, other moms, and of course his friends!

[On a somewhat related note, what do the words mean in the “Ring Around the Rosie” song?  I tried to google it, but it seems like it might be something scary, so I am declining to dig any further.]

Here are all 3 of them playing!  So so cute! I really love that JJ has such good friends at such an early age!  I hope that they remain friends for a long, long time.  Especially since JJ got his first kiss from Lina on Friday!  Two kisses, actually!  That was just way too adorable, of course my camera was no where to be found at that point.  But trust me, so so cute!


3 responses to “Playing!

  1. JJ thinks he is soooo hilarious. Look at his face as he sits on Colt. He’s like this is the funniest thing anyone has ever done! Glad the crew had a good time and that they all enjoy the play group time so much. JJ was so wired when he got home that night. He made me chase him around the house and read extra stories before bed. He was so tired when I put him down.

  2. He looks so happy! JJ really is the sweetest little boy. I love his plaid shirt too!

  3. it’s great that JJ is getting older and playing with his pals…..

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