My mom, PoPo extraordinaire (night nurse and full time helper, as well!), left on Tuesday.    It was a sad day in our household.  PoPo was so very helpful with everything!  But she’ll be back, thank goodness.

The thought of being alone with the 2 babies definitely was a frightening proposition.  Luckily, Boom was able to help out a bunch on Tuesday afternoon / evening – his mom got into town on Wednesday late afternoon.

BUT that meant I had most all of Tuesday with the boys – and it was kind of crazy.  Just crazy in that the little baby eats, poops, and pees constantly.  and sleeps very little.  And crazy in that JJ and I couldn’t leave the house, since the little baby is still too little – I can’t remember a day since he was about 8 weeks old that we didn’t leave the house at least once!  So trying to figure out things to keep him occupied, while I was occupied with little Sailor, was interesting.

Luckily, our friend Little L and her mom came over for a play date in the morning.  That really helped JJ have some fun and use up some energy, whilst staying at home.  Sailor actually napped (in the swing) for most of the play date.  Usually he looks like this in the swing:

Eyes wide open and fully awake!  I guess he was tired and all the noise from the kiddos and toys was good background noise.

I didn’t get any photos during the play date, wish I had, as they were really very cute together!  I realized last night we need to get a sandbox, so that this summer, if we need to be house bound, we can have a fun thing to play in in the backyard.  And JJ loves sand!  Will be fun to have play dates with it.  I hope that my friends don’t mind coming over too much 😉


2 responses to “Craziness

  1. Thanks to PoPo for all the help. We could not have managed the transition to 2 without you! Like Tingaling said – “The Training Wheels Are Off!”. We made it through 1 day and only have 365 x 18 to go!

  2. You seem to be managing all right! The babes are so cute right now 🙂
    Let me know when I can help out!

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