Dearest Little Sailor –

You turned one month about a week and a half ago (sorry for the tardy post) – the days, though hard, seem to be flying by! Even though your brother is not too much older than you, I had totally forgotten how it is to have a newborn! Life with two is much harder than with just one – logistically speaking. When both you and your brother are in need of being fed, and there is only one of me (that has happened for 8 hours so far, but today starts a new era of being the only one here, for at least a week and a half!), it is just hard! Now I realize how easy life is with just one baby… just wish I had appreciated it more at the time.

So you do a lot of sleeping, but you really aren’t on a schedule yet. It probably will be another 2 months before you are really on a schedule, and that is tough for me. But you really only cry when you are hungry or have a dirty diaper or are tired. During the witching hours, you do get fussy, and seem to need to cry a little before you can settle down to sleep. You long sleep stretch seems to come after your evening (8pm-ish) feeding.

Some days I am lucky to get a little cat nap in – the middle of the night feedings are really tough! At least you *usually* will go right back to sleep after that feeding. I think I am getting more used to getting less sleep /disturbed sleep. Helps to have a caffeine jolt mid-morning to power through the day.

You dad is also feeling the effects of having a newborn. Lucky for me, he is a good helper!

This month, you’ve had a lot of grandmother lovin’:

PoPo was a huge help the month that she was here – she loves you and your brother so, so much! She’ll be back tomorrow (yay!) and we are all excited to see her again.

Your Nana was excited to get to meet you! She also was a lot of help for the week and a half she spent down here. Exciting news, you’ll have a little cousin come October! Yay!

You got to meet a lot of the ladies at your Sip and See, which was on your month birthday! I had gotten you a newborn bubble, but it was too little for you! The 3-month bubble was much better. You definitely have gotten my appetite – insatiable! You seem to have a hollow leg, as you eat a lot! But you are really long, so you don’t look too chunky.

I love this picture of you – you look like a little bug! You really are a good baby – and I love you so much. I can’t wait to get to know you as you grow and see your personality develop. As it is, you can go from sound asleep to blood curdling screaming (because you are hungry) in just under 3 seconds – there is no warning whimper from you. We all have learned that you need to be fed ASAP STAT – and that you won’t accept slowness on anyone’s part.

You also hate blankets of any sort on your body – you will often kick them off or somehow remove them.  Whenever I go in for you late night feeding, 9 times out of 10, you no longer have the lightweight blanket I have put on you.

Your brother loves you very much as well. He always wants to kiss you and pat you. I can’t wait until you guys are able to play together! You will both has so much fun!

Buddy, I can’t imagine life without you. You have completed our family! We are a family of 4 (so crazy!). Your dad and I love you so so much!




3 responses to “One!

  1. he is a darling little baby and fabulous addition to your fam 🙂

  2. What a sweet post Ting! You are doing an amazing job with your two boys! Happy One Month Fisher, it was wonderful to see you on your big day!

  3. Sailor,
    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Your Mom and I are so excited that you have arrived and have really enjoyed getting to know you this first month. You and your Mom were real troopers and both emerged very strongly after an involved and rapidly changing delivery.

    I see a lot of your brother in you and at the same time, I can already tell that you have your own unique personality and mannerisms. You are one tough little guy and you breakout one of the most intimidating scowls that I have ever seen when things are not as you like. It reminds me of a baby Marine Corps Drill Instructor. When you look at me with the scowl I half expect you to just blurt out “What you looking at Nasty!! You got half a heart- beat to stop eyeballing me!!”

    You love food and have an insatiable appetite. You have posted some monster consumption numbers during a 24-hour period that rival what Baby J was eating at like the 4-month mark. You have a slight advantage over Baby J because you arrived on time and were longer and bigger. All of my family says Baby J better watch out because you are going to catch up to him in no time flat!

    You have the same big eyes that Baby J has, but at this point yours are a really cool dark blue/grey color. Your Mom and I have no idea how that happened and suspect they may change a little over time. When you are awake though you have them wide open and seem to be taking everything in. You are very aware and seem to be very strong. You can lift and move your head all about and you are always pushing off with your legs.

    You share the trait with your brother as well that you can’t stand sleeping on your back. Your Mom and I have found this to be challenging and have had to revert back to the “Wedge” to get you to stay in position.

    You have had a good number of visitors during your first month with extended stays from your PoPo and NaNa. Both have commented on what a great baby that you are and how you only fuss when it is time to eat. Like your Mom said when you are ready to eat it is like a 5-Alarm fire drill! You start out very loud and get very angry until someone gets the food to you! You are a real feisty one!

    Your big brother has really been very good with you and seems to really understand that you are his DiDi! He always asks to kiss you before he goes to bed at night and he always tries to help out by holding the bottle or handing a burp cloth to your Mom. I know that he is going to really enjoy watching you get bigger and having you as his best friend.

    You have really made out little family complete and your Mom and I go to bed every night talking about how fortunate and lucky we are to call ourselves your parents!


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