Hoppy Easter!

Sunday was the first time we had JJ hold little Sailor, and he was most pleased!  You can see what a proud big brother he is.  And a good one – he is so sweet to his baby bro.  Little Sailor already looks up to him as well!  and with good reason – JJ is a really great boy!

JJ went on his third and final Easter egg hunt – and he finally got the hang of picking eggs up and putting them in his basket!  Before this, he would usually pick up 2 eggs and knock them together, like we do with the egg-shaped shakers at music class.

We got JJ this adorable dump truck for Easter that he loves!  His buddy Mustang has the same one, just different colors, and JJ has always loved borrowing his.  So now he has his own.  I love it because it is so big – and cute!  and in UVa colors – perfect!  I think we want to get a UVa sticker to put on the hood.

I had grand plans of making Sailor and JJ (and some special friends) some stuffed bunnies for Easter.  I have sewed them all and turned them right side out, but stuffing and sewing up has proven more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.

(here they are before I sewed them and turned them right side out)

We’ve had a lot going on, not to mention we have a newborn!  So I don’t feel bad – these will eventually be finished and given out as Year of the Golden Rabbit gifts!

As a side note, PoPo is in town now (yay!) for the last time until July (sniff sniff)!

(here she is admiring Sailors double chin!  He is a fatty!)

She has been so helpful – and I have been able to get out in the wee hours of the morning to go on power walks.  I had forgotten how much I love having a little bit of time to myself for exercising early in the morning – it really makes my day!  I hope when she leaves I can still figure out a way to keep on walking and then eventually running!  I will be a really happy girl on that day!


3 responses to “Hoppy Easter!

  1. It was a pretty awesome feeling to see JJ’s face just light up when we put Sailor into his lap. He just had this look like he was such an important, big boy that got to hold his brother. He smiled ear to ear and then looked at Sailor with a very serious face. Very excited to watch the boys grow up together!

  2. I have a feeling that JJ is going to be a most excellent big brother 🙂 They are lucky to have each other!

  3. yes, they are lucky to have each other….

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