Dearest Bubba –

This month you have become much more vocal.  You have added so many words to your repertoire, such as: hot, hat, please, blue, red, green, duck, milk, Lina, Elmo, just to name a few.  Some are a little hard to understand – you say “Na” for Lina, and “Melmo” for Elmo, and “boo” for blue, and “peas” for please”, and “ha” for hat.  You love saying things are hot, and it comes in handy when said thing (water, ground, bite of food) actually is hot.  But sometimes it is not.  You also know that the coffee maker, coffee mugs, and toaster are hot.

You have also begun to make lots of connections.  When you see a duck, you put your thumbs near your armpits and flap your “wings” up and down.  You love seeing Mickey and Minnie on your diaper – you point to where they are (as stuffed animals) in the living room (and also on the diaper box).   At the end of your “Christmas Baby” book, you say “PoPo” and “Nana” at the picture of the grandparents!

You are a boy through and through.  You love trucks and fire engines and “choo-choos” (trains).  and when you toot, they are loud – and you laugh!  You think it is hilarious when you toot.  I guess that could be nurture instead of nature, as your dad and I also laugh when you (or your brother) toot – mainly because they are so loud coming from such small guys!

You still love your books!  Especially any with fire engines.  You can point out all the fire hydrants (in the book and when we take walks) and know that “s-s-s-s-s” goes the water from them!  I heard somewhere from a early childhood person that reading 20 books a day to a child is optimal.  I know we hit that number on Saturdays and Sundays (we counted one Saturday, and we were at 17 before noon!), might be a little shy during the weekdays.  But still pretty close.

We are working on jumping with you – you have the motion down, just don’t really catch any air.  I know that is a 2-year-old milestone, but can’t hurt to try now.  You have your high knees down, and sometimes you can gallop on your stick horsey, but sometimes you use it like a mop.  You think it is hilarious when I skip – and you try to, but usually you just go back to the tried and true high knees.

You love your softies – these days puppy dog is about equal to elephant in terms of your lovies.  And you know elephant has to stay in the crib – you are good about putting him down when we ask you to.  You also love having bear in your crib – he is so soft so you love to use him like a pillow.  Dad said the other night you insisted on having Eey-ore with you when he was reading you stories before night night.

We are still doing art class – and you love it!  You love paint and the tactile feeling of it on your hands and between your toes!  No matter what the activity is, your motto is “the messier the better”.  I am glad you are getting to experience a whole range of things, with art class in there.  You also love music class – you love the shakers and instruments.  And you finally went “bu-bu-ba” into Miss Kay’s play microphone!  It was a big day – as you had watched the other kids do so a few other times, and this time, at Miss Kay’s second attempt to get you to sing into the microphone, you did it!  and you loved all the accolades you got afterwards.

I usually really try to keep you from sleeping in your carseat, as it has the potential to mess up your napping.   It mainly happens after art class or going to  a really fun and tiring birthday party.  I always know you have fallen asleep when I can no longer hear you sucking on your fingers.

As unimaginable as it seems, you have hit your terrible twos.  You sometimes get easily frustrated and will just throw a tantrum (ie laying down and kicking and crying) for no reason of spectacular note.  I have found it is best to just wait out the tantrum and then talk to you in almost a whisper.  You seem to listen that way.  The teachers at school say you are wonderful and they haven’t seen any tantrums out of you – so you save that just for home.  Which is fine – you know it is safe here and that we will always love you, which we will.  You’ve had a lot to adjust to, and you are doing really well, considering.

You are a really, really great kid.  Your bad moments / days are not really all that bad, and hearing you laugh (my favorite sound in the whole world) makes everything better for me.  You have shown patience when I have to deal with little Sailor and you only have love for your brother.  Sometimes I get a little stressed out with everything going on, but just seeing you smile or say “mama” makes me feel so much better.

I love you so so much and really am so lucky to be your mama.



3 responses to “Seventeen

  1. Love how much he’s talking! And love that he’s still enjoying his art smock! xoxoxo

  2. my little sweetheart is growing up, I love you more than you can image, hoping see you sooooonnnnnn….

  3. JJ,

    Month seventeen was an eventful one in terms of development making it exciting for Mama and I and a bit challenging at times. Like Mama said your vocabulary and comprehension are expanding by leaps and bounds and you like to point at things and let us know that you know what they are. Much of this Mama and I have become adept at understanding or figuring out from your pointing and the names you use. When we can things go smoothly as you get what you want and we clap for you in response to your new found skill. When we can’t figure out what you are asking for though it can lead to some drama as you increase the volume and arm motions associated with your demand and we tell you we don’t understand. Usually after some tears and trashing about you just change what you are asking for to “Dog” and we give you your stuffed dog to calm you down.

    You love your books and really seem to understand a tremendous amount of what is going on in the story. You will point things out and tell us what they are and are also very skilled at answering our questions such as “Which one is “two fish”?” and you point right to the picture of the two fish. or “What color is this fish?” and you say “Boo” for Blue or “Ra” for Red. The most amazing one for me has been the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. In the back there is a full alphabet and when we finish the book we sing our ABCs. Once done with that I ask you “Which one is Mama?” Without fail you always point to the M. When I ask which is for “Dada”, “Yarbs”, “PoPo” or “Sailor” you get the right letters like 75% of the time and the other 25% you either get the one right next to it.

    You like to read the same book over and over again once you get tired. I will finish up and close it and you say “Mor..Mor..” meaning you want it again. We can get through books 5 times before you finally loose interest which I think is amazing.

    You are really tremendous with Sailor. When he is being fed you try to help. When we say gentle you pat, pat his leg softly. You give him a kiss before bed everytime. When he is up in bed you ask about him and seem concerned that he is not with us. When we load you into the car you scream “DiDi” which is little brother over and over so we won’t forget to bring him with us.

    You are an amazing little guy with a great sense of humor. You love to laugh and you love to try and make Mama and I laugh. I could chase you around the house all day because you laugh so hard and love getting caught. I love throwing you onto the bed with all the pillows stacked up. You just “Mor..Mor..Mor..” until Dad’s arms are about to fall off.

    I can’t wait to walk in the door every night to your smiling and laughing face and love our time together before bed. I love going in to get you in the morning and you yelling “DaDa” at the top of your lungs and then pointing out all the things you recognize and using your words.

    I love you very much,

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