Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

To my mom, whom I don’t give enough credit to.  She, along with my dad, raised me and Yarbs to be who we are today – and we totally kick a$$  🙂

Mom, you are amazing.  Yarbs and I are truly lucky to have you as a mom, and JJ and Sailor are especially lucky to have you as a grandmother!  You are so awesome to the boys.  Everyone should have someone in their lives that love them as much as you love JJ and Sailor.

And to my boys – you both are making me a better person and mom each day!  I love being your mom – more than I ever imagined possible!

And to my many mom friends – you all inspire and teach me so much!  Glad to have such an awesome support group and not have to face the challenge of raising children alone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!


4 responses to “Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

  1. The boys are incredibly lucky to have you as their Mom. We love you very much!

  2. Yes, our mom is the best and you are becoming the best mom, tingaling!

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL picture of you and your mom and sister! And I love that picture of Fisher smiling in the previous post! Th0se boys sure are lucky to have such a wonderful mommy!

  4. I love to be you mother and especially loved to be a grandmom…miss you all…

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