Baby Sailor has started smiling in the past week (or two) – and that has been amazing!  He is much more alert these days – and I think he can see me and focus on my face much better than before.

His double chin and chubby cheeks always make me smile!

And the big brother of the house also always makes me smile:

Here I am singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” to get JJ to look at me – and he is doing the motions along with my singing – as you can see.

Love you both!

4 responses to “Smile!

  1. Love your new pic of Fisher!! I LOVE it when the smiles start! What happy boys – must be because they have such a GREAT mama! 🙂

  2. Love the smile!

  3. They are some cuties! Isn’t Sailor 2 months today?!?

  4. I could not believe the little sailor is totally different from what I remembered, he changed a lot, I missed both a lot, kiss them for me…

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