Two, two

Dear Darling Sailor –

You are now much more aware – you seem to be able to see and focus much more than before.  I am pretty sure PoPo will be shocked to see how much you’ve grown since she has been gone!

It really does take a village to raise children – we’ve had countless play dates with friends (to occupy your brother in the afternoon so you can nap in your room), had one really nice friend come over 2 nights in a row when your dad was out of town to help with you and JJ, had numerous Auntie Yarbs visits, hired a morning time helper (just until PoPo is back in town), and your GongGong even came down to watch you so I could take JJ to the dentist.  It really is amazing how someone so small can instill such fear in people!

But, everyday it gets a little easier.  We are all just trying to figure it out.  Of course, some days are better than others, and I am still usually pretty tired…

…but overall you are a really amazing baby!  You are a great eater and night time sleeper – you’ve “slept through the night” and you are just a wee one!  It helps that you are a real fatty – 95th percentile for weight at 2 months (and 50th for height).

Like Auntie Yarbs says, it is good to be a fat baby – it is the only time in your life that people will think you are cute when you are fat!

We are currently working on your daytime feeding / sleeping schedule and you seem to be adapting very well.  The hope is that you will soon be sleeping from 7pm – 7am (yay!).

Your brother loves you very much.  He still loves to give you gentle pat pats and now he really loves to give you kisses!  and just the other day I saw you following JJ with your eyes – soon enough you’ll be able to really follow him and you guys really are going to be the best of friends!

Of course you know that dad is one of your biggest fans – he loves you and your brother so much!  As do I – we always talk about how lucky and blessed to have such a great family – the two best little boys in the whole world!

You really are a laid back, chill baby.  Maybe more so than your brother was, and that is pretty amazing.  Your smiles and ah-goos are just too adorable!  I love your chubby cheeks and thighs!  I just want to gobble them up!  and I think you are furrowing your brow less these days, which is good.  Maybe since you can see better you are not quite as concerned.  You do get upset when you are over tired, but don’t we all?  I know I certainly do.

I love you more than I could ever express. Thank you for being such a good, good baby.




5 responses to “Two, two

  1. Yes, auntie yarbs is loving her some chubby cheeks to kiss and kiss some more. Who knew 2 little boys would bring us such joy! Love love love you!

  2. I could not wait to hold both of you tightly and kiss , kiss….you guys fat little checks, feets, hands……miss you a lot……

  3. You are so good at writing these letters and documenting such loving thoughts! I loved what you said about how it takes a village, that is so true and what a large village Sailor has that already loves him and adores him! I also enjoyed hearing what you said about their brother bonding already, how special that is!

  4. need more updates…..

  5. Dear Cap’n Hollow Leg;

    As the days go by you begin to become more aware of your surroundings. The majority of your time is spent in the arms of Mama and you seem quite content to keep it that way. During your first month you seemed to get a little anxious when I was holding you and would often times give me a real good snarl and scowl before screaming load for me to give you back to Mama. Who could blame you Mama is much prettier than me, she smells a lot nicer and she doesn’t have a rough face.
    What I will remember most about month 2 was that towards the end you started to have some recignition of me and even flashed me a smile once in a while when I was smiling at you. Like your Mama said you also started to track JJ with your eyes and seemed very interested in what he was doing. JJ thinks you are a really special guy and gives you soft pat pats and kisses all the time. When I mentioned to him that you were watching him he got a really big smile and seemed so proud to be the big brother.

    You are eating more than I ever imagined a little baby could eat and you are really getting into your sleeping as well. I think you have outpaced your brother JJ in both of those departments which I thought would be impossible. All of our friends and family warned us that with JJ being so mild tempered and agreeable that we were in for a little devil with you. At this point though they could not have been more wrong about you. You are a chill little guy and just seem to take it all in like your brother trying to process it all. The only crying we get is when you are hungry or really overtired. Fortunately Mama has been quick with the bottle and El Babito Huuuuusshhhheee when it comes to determing when to whick you away for naps or night night.

    I love you so much and am really looking forward to watching you growth and development. Every month there will be something new and exciting and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.


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