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Last Sunday we celebrated Boom – he is a great dad and the boys are really lucky to have such a wonderful role model to look up to and learn from.

The boys gave Boom the most excellent gifts Рa hand sewn leather football and baseball, perfect for Boom since he is such a sports enthusiast!  The football is personalized:

What a great gift, if I do say so myself ūüôā¬† At least this year I was on the ball (no pun intended!), and not scrambling around at the last minute.¬† Boom is so good to us, he deserves to be celebrated!

I cooked (gasp!) brunch for us – the 2 casseroles you see in the foreground.¬† And in the background on the left side is the craft I thought up for play group!¬† Everyone seemed to love the craft and resulting father’s day gift, so that is good.

We had Little L and her parents over to celebrate – the kiddies had a great time playing after breakfast!¬† JJ was definitely¬† intrigued by the princess figurines that Little L had – he isn’t used to seeing stuff like that!¬† I love her ladybug outfit – I always associate ladybugs with her, I think because she dressed up as one for Halloween.

Anyway, hopefully Boom had a good day.¬† I had some great ideas of gifts to give him (from me) but ran out of time to execute – I guess I can save those ideas for his birthday.¬† I did give him a frame that reads “The Boys” with a pic of JJ and Sailor in it.¬† Really, that is all a proud Dada needs!

Three, three, I see, I see…

(title of post quoted from one of JJ’s favorite books, Ten Apples Up on Top)

Dearest Little Bubba –

You are really so aware these days!¬† A lot of times I will ask for a smile, and you oblige! You rarely furrow your brow anymore – I guess you are taking it all in and it isn’t as scary or confusing as it once was.

Dad seems to think that you might have bigger eyes than your brother Рand that is quite a feat!  They are still a steel gray / dark blue color, I am assuming they will likely change to a dark brown, but who knows?

(this really good photo was taken by your Auntie Yarbs – thanks!)

Your eyelashes are really coming in Рgetting really long!  You are still in the bassinet, and it seems that you are losing some of your hair on the sides of it.  Not to worry, we will be ordering your new crib and organic mattress soon!

I think you are becoming your Auntie’s favorite nephew (of the moment) as JJ is a little clingier to me these days.¬† She loves your chubbiness as much as I do! She has been a great help – babysitting so we can go out, and helping during J’s pickup, so I don’t have to bring you.

This month we switched you off the newborn formula Рand onto regular formula.  It seemed like you were getting especially gassy with the regular formula, so we put you on the gentle formula.  Then it seemed like you might have some reflux Рyou were not pooping well, not napping well, waking up screaming, and even had an episode with a little blood in your spit up.  So after taking you to the doctor, we decided to put you back on the newborn formula, and you seem to be getting back to your regular self.  We are feeding you less food more frequently, which is probably a good thing in general.

Now your sleep schedule is around 7pm at night to around 530 – 630am – since you are eating 5 times now, you get up a little early for that extra feeding.¬† Not too shabby – and you nap around 4 – 5 hours a day.¬† I can’t really complain (though I probably do) since you are a very good sleeper.

Your brother is still a big fan of yours.  Every morning, he asks where the baby is.  And he loves it when you are in the car next to him.  Often times in the morning, he will spontaneously give you kisses on your head (or blow kisses to you) numerous times without being asked!  In the afternoons, when he is tired, he is a bit more needy and less interested in you, but I can understand that.

And of course I am (along with your dad) your biggest fan!¬† You are so so cute!¬† and good, a very very good baby.¬† You really only cry when 1) you are hungry or 2) you are tired.¬† And you go down pretty easily for naps and night night.¬† Sometimes I won’t be able to sooth you completely to sleep, and you are already able to put yourself to sleep!¬† When JJ is around, you love to watch him.¬† You guys really are going to be the best of friends!

Since you stay up a smidge later than J, you often times get to see Dada before you go to bed.  He loves getting to spend some time with you!  and with your new earlier waking schedule, he is usually on feeding duty, and afterwards, you guys sometimes end up in the big bed Рwhich is so cute for me when I get home from working out.

Dada says he is excited for you to be able to sit up on your own – I told him not to make you grow up any faster than you already are!¬† I think soon you are not a newborn, just a regular baby.¬† I need to start taking you to story time and music / gym class – we’ll just have to get your schedule nailed down a little more, as you are napping a lot of time.

We love you so much, little Chunk-chunk.¬† You are the perfect addition to our family.¬† Even though it has only been 3 months, I can’t imagine life without you.¬† Sometimes when you nap a long time, JJ and I get lonely and miss you.¬† Thank you for being such a good baby!




Little Sailor is one chunky monkey!¬† I love it – Baby J was never as chunky, so I am really enjoying Sailor’s rolls and chins!¬† He is such a good, good baby – and adorable to boot!

We’ve been working through some possible reflux issues – think we may have caused his problems by switching him off newborn formula too soon!¬† We are back on it, and he seems to be doing better.¬† We did go see the doctor and get a prescription for some meds, but he is so little (age-wise, not so much size-wise), I’d rather not medicate him unless totally necessary.

Sailor’s smiles are huge and totally melt my heart!¬† Hard to capture them on film, as he isn’t crazy about the camera.¬† I am going to keep trying, though!

So many projects…

… so little time!

Recently, a huge portion of my spare time has been dedicated to my sister’s 40th bday gift.¬† Not that she is hard to shop for, but what do you give a girl who has everything?!¬† Anyway, I had noticed at Christmas that she and her hubs were still using the felt stocking that she and I had made for them about 10 years ago.¬† Then and there I decided I was going to make her a new stocking for her bday.¬† Then I realized I couldn’t just make her one, and not a matching one for her hubs, so 2 stockings to the project list were added.

When I started to make the stockings, I used a template off the internet.  It was kind of small, but I finished 2 stocking.  I was talking to Boom and he was all, Most stockings are too small.  You need to make sure the stockings you give Yarbs is nice and big (like the ones his mom made for us).  So back to the drawing board (and I have 2 completed stockings Рhough a bit smallish Рif I ever need them).  This is the final product:

I really love how they came out, and I think Yarbs like them too!  and I love the color scheme РYarbs loves pink, so this was perfect.  and her hubs is not afraid of a little pink, either.

And we have friends that are having babies out the wazoo!¬† I have started buying parts of baby gifts, as I can’t make as much as I would like to!¬† Anyway, last night I finished the handmade part of¬† a baby gift for my great friend Coco.¬† She just had a adorable baby girl!¬† She loves yellow (our bridesmaids dresses were bright yellow!) – I really like how it all turned out:

I liked using the bias tape (hand made by moi) on the blanket also on the burpie Рreally ties it all together!  Hope she can get some good use out of it all.

And for PoPo, who is still far away, JJ (again) was saying PoPo and pointing to the door!  He misses her so much!  Here they are  Рwaiting for her to come back!


Yesterday was JJ’s first day of “camp” – really, it is just school in the summer… same teachers, classroom and students!¬† Although I was dreading the 3 week gap between school and camp, I was (surprisingly) a little sad when camp started up.¬† Baby J and I had a really good time those 3 weeks – with a little help from our part-time nanny, it wasn’t too hard!¬† I packed our days with classes, time at the pool and play dates with friends.

Here are the boys – ready to get into the car for camp drop off!¬† I was also dreading drop off, with both boys, but again, it went surprisingly smoothly!¬† I think Little Sailor just needed to get on a schedule that accommodated an excursion at 845am (ie – he needs to get up and eat at 8, so that he is fine until we get back from drop off).¬† And it tires him out, so he had a good, long nap yesterday after drop off.¬† And I think I have scheduled it so I don’t have to take Sailor to pick up – carting him in and out of the car one time a day is plenty!

Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly…¬† and at least PoPo will be back in the states for the 3 week break between “camp” and the start of school in the fall.¬† It will be a treat for the boys and for her to have her here during that time – we are all counting the days until she is back in mid-July!

Cool Pics

My friend has a good friend who is a photographer / artist.  We were able to get a session with her when she came into town this past April Рand here is a sample of some of the photos we got:

Could these 2 be any cuter?!

The fam!  So crazy to think we are now a complete family!

Jbird loves his bear…

… and his books!

The photographer is based out of Austin, but comes in to H-town about 2x a year – love her work!

My Bebes

I can’t get enough of JJ being sweet to little Sailor – I think it is just too too cute!

JJ really is quite remarkable – he’s easily transitioned from being the sole Prince, to being a big brother.¬† We are so lucky he has such a sweet and kind disposition!