… birthday to me.  As most people, I am a bit ambivalent about getting older.  I don’t like the idea of getting old, however, right now, life is really good.  And I am happy!  The main reasons are these two guys:

Here’s a rare picture of me with both boys.  Little Sailor is getting so big!  and Baby J is just talking away these days (sometimes I can understand, other times, not so much).

I guess age is really a mindset.  I don’t feel old nor do I look too old, so maybe I am not old (yet).  Hopefully I can shed these last few (well, many) preggers pounds – being lighter will help me feel younger 🙂

And maybe with my advanced age I have gained some wisdom.  I like to think that I have.  Most importantly, I am happy.  With myself and with my life.  Who wouldn’t be happy, having these three to wake up to everyday?


6 responses to “Happy…

  1. You are the best wife and mom in the whole wide world. We love you! Happy! Happy!


    you are right there is no reason you should’nt be happy..
    even I am happy whenever I think both of JJ and Sailor, I miss both of them a lot, I could not wait to hug and kiss them……..

  3. That is a great pic of you with the boys! Hope you had a great b-day!! 🙂

  4. Remember that 35 is the new 15 😉

    I hope you had a great birthday. With the two sweetest little boys in the world, you have everything to be happy for! Love you!

  5. Great attitude about all of that Ting! And you are so right, you have sooo many blessings in your life to be happy about! That pic of you and your boys is beautiful!

  6. Hi Ting,
    Just checked out the latest blogs, Pictures are really cute. Happy belated birthday!
    You do look happy with the two boys and so does Dad, in his shot. Glad things seem to be going well. Boys are getting big, we can’t wait to see you all.

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