My Bebes

I can’t get enough of JJ being sweet to little Sailor – I think it is just too too cute!

JJ really is quite remarkable – he’s easily transitioned from being the sole Prince, to being a big brother.  We are so lucky he has such a sweet and kind disposition!


2 responses to “My Bebes

  1. Great angle on this shot. You have all your favorite boys together 🙂

    I think you and John lucked out on the bebe department. I don’t think I’ve even met more chill, even-tempered and gorgeous babes as yours. (I was showing my friends some photos on the camera and they thought J was so handsome!) But I may be just a little bit biased!

    See you on Monday!

  2. Must have jinxed us. Sailor was all out of sorts all yesterday and seemed mad at the whole world. Sounds like he is back to normal today. Phew!

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