Yesterday was JJ’s first day of “camp” – really, it is just school in the summer… same teachers, classroom and students!  Although I was dreading the 3 week gap between school and camp, I was (surprisingly) a little sad when camp started up.  Baby J and I had a really good time those 3 weeks – with a little help from our part-time nanny, it wasn’t too hard!  I packed our days with classes, time at the pool and play dates with friends.

Here are the boys – ready to get into the car for camp drop off!  I was also dreading drop off, with both boys, but again, it went surprisingly smoothly!  I think Little Sailor just needed to get on a schedule that accommodated an excursion at 845am (ie – he needs to get up and eat at 8, so that he is fine until we get back from drop off).  And it tires him out, so he had a good, long nap yesterday after drop off.  And I think I have scheduled it so I don’t have to take Sailor to pick up – carting him in and out of the car one time a day is plenty!

Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly…  and at least PoPo will be back in the states for the 3 week break between “camp” and the start of school in the fall.  It will be a treat for the boys and for her to have her here during that time – we are all counting the days until she is back in mid-July!


4 responses to ““Camp”

  1. JJ looks like a little kid in this picture, no longer a baby!! Somewhere Tingaling is curled up in the corner crying….

  2. Those are two handsome little fellows. I miss my kisses and pat pats – can’t wait to see you guys on Thursday!

  3. what a handsome boys…I miss them so much and .I will be there as soon as I am back to the states…

  4. Yay! I am so glad that it went so well Ting, and not only that, you were sort of sad when it was over, just a testament to how flexble and fun your family is! : ) I’m really happy to hear that drop off is going well too!

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