So many projects…

… so little time!

Recently, a huge portion of my spare time has been dedicated to my sister’s 40th bday gift.  Not that she is hard to shop for, but what do you give a girl who has everything?!  Anyway, I had noticed at Christmas that she and her hubs were still using the felt stocking that she and I had made for them about 10 years ago.  Then and there I decided I was going to make her a new stocking for her bday.  Then I realized I couldn’t just make her one, and not a matching one for her hubs, so 2 stockings to the project list were added.

When I started to make the stockings, I used a template off the internet.  It was kind of small, but I finished 2 stocking.  I was talking to Boom and he was all, Most stockings are too small.  You need to make sure the stockings you give Yarbs is nice and big (like the ones his mom made for us).  So back to the drawing board (and I have 2 completed stockings – hough a bit smallish – if I ever need them).  This is the final product:

I really love how they came out, and I think Yarbs like them too!  and I love the color scheme – Yarbs loves pink, so this was perfect.  and her hubs is not afraid of a little pink, either.

And we have friends that are having babies out the wazoo!  I have started buying parts of baby gifts, as I can’t make as much as I would like to!  Anyway, last night I finished the handmade part of  a baby gift for my great friend Coco.  She just had a adorable baby girl!  She loves yellow (our bridesmaids dresses were bright yellow!) – I really like how it all turned out:

I liked using the bias tape (hand made by moi) on the blanket also on the burpie – really ties it all together!  Hope she can get some good use out of it all.

And for PoPo, who is still far away, JJ (again) was saying PoPo and pointing to the door!  He misses her so much!  Here they are  – waiting for her to come back!


3 responses to “So many projects…

  1. Cute projects. Those two bruisers at the end look like trouble!

  2. great bday gifts…I am so happy that JJ hasn’t forget me yet, I am counting the days now…..

  3. We love the stockings and can’t wait until Christmas to use them!

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