Little Sailor is one chunky monkey!  I love it – Baby J was never as chunky, so I am really enjoying Sailor’s rolls and chins!  He is such a good, good baby – and adorable to boot!

We’ve been working through some possible reflux issues – think we may have caused his problems by switching him off newborn formula too soon!  We are back on it, and he seems to be doing better.  We did go see the doctor and get a prescription for some meds, but he is so little (age-wise, not so much size-wise), I’d rather not medicate him unless totally necessary.

Sailor’s smiles are huge and totally melt my heart!  Hard to capture them on film, as he isn’t crazy about the camera.  I am going to keep trying, though!


3 responses to “Chunky

  1. He is such a good baby – especially after a big burp ;)!

    I will prob be coming over after yoga today – we can have lunch and take some pics!

  2. Hoping today is another step towards Sailor feeling better. Felt like one day back on the newborn formula has him headed in the right direction!

  3. what reflux issues are you talking about????he is such a adorable baby, I can’t wait to hold him in my arms….

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