Three, three, I see, I see…

(title of post quoted from one of JJ’s favorite books, Ten Apples Up on Top)

Dearest Little Bubba –

You are really so aware these days!  A lot of times I will ask for a smile, and you oblige! You rarely furrow your brow anymore – I guess you are taking it all in and it isn’t as scary or confusing as it once was.

Dad seems to think that you might have bigger eyes than your brother – and that is quite a feat!  They are still a steel gray / dark blue color, I am assuming they will likely change to a dark brown, but who knows?

(this really good photo was taken by your Auntie Yarbs – thanks!)

Your eyelashes are really coming in – getting really long!  You are still in the bassinet, and it seems that you are losing some of your hair on the sides of it.  Not to worry, we will be ordering your new crib and organic mattress soon!

I think you are becoming your Auntie’s favorite nephew (of the moment) as JJ is a little clingier to me these days.  She loves your chubbiness as much as I do! She has been a great help – babysitting so we can go out, and helping during J’s pickup, so I don’t have to bring you.

This month we switched you off the newborn formula – and onto regular formula.  It seemed like you were getting especially gassy with the regular formula, so we put you on the gentle formula.  Then it seemed like you might have some reflux – you were not pooping well, not napping well, waking up screaming, and even had an episode with a little blood in your spit up.  So after taking you to the doctor, we decided to put you back on the newborn formula, and you seem to be getting back to your regular self.  We are feeding you less food more frequently, which is probably a good thing in general.

Now your sleep schedule is around 7pm at night to around 530 – 630am – since you are eating 5 times now, you get up a little early for that extra feeding.  Not too shabby – and you nap around 4 – 5 hours a day.  I can’t really complain (though I probably do) since you are a very good sleeper.

Your brother is still a big fan of yours.  Every morning, he asks where the baby is.  And he loves it when you are in the car next to him.  Often times in the morning, he will spontaneously give you kisses on your head (or blow kisses to you) numerous times without being asked!  In the afternoons, when he is tired, he is a bit more needy and less interested in you, but I can understand that.

And of course I am (along with your dad) your biggest fan!  You are so so cute!  and good, a very very good baby.  You really only cry when 1) you are hungry or 2) you are tired.  And you go down pretty easily for naps and night night.  Sometimes I won’t be able to sooth you completely to sleep, and you are already able to put yourself to sleep!  When JJ is around, you love to watch him.  You guys really are going to be the best of friends!

Since you stay up a smidge later than J, you often times get to see Dada before you go to bed.  He loves getting to spend some time with you!  and with your new earlier waking schedule, he is usually on feeding duty, and afterwards, you guys sometimes end up in the big bed – which is so cute for me when I get home from working out.

Dada says he is excited for you to be able to sit up on your own – I told him not to make you grow up any faster than you already are!  I think soon you are not a newborn, just a regular baby.  I need to start taking you to story time and music / gym class – we’ll just have to get your schedule nailed down a little more, as you are napping a lot of time.

We love you so much, little Chunk-chunk.  You are the perfect addition to our family.  Even though it has only been 3 months, I can’t imagine life without you.  Sometimes when you nap a long time, JJ and I get lonely and miss you.  Thank you for being such a good baby!




4 responses to “Three, three, I see, I see…

  1. Our little chunky monkey is my favorite 3 month old nephew! JJ is still the favorite 19-month old nephew (even when he is being mean to auntie ;)!)

    See you guys later

  2. beautifully written. straight from the heart…

  3. little sailor is getting bigger and handsomer, love all those pics, wants to hold him tight……

  4. Dear Baby Hulk,

    I can’t believe how big you are getting. Mama and I took you and JJ to the Dr. for your 2 mos and 18 mos check-ups earlier this month. You tipped the scales at a weight that JJ hadn’t even sniffed at his 4 month appt. JJ better be looking over his shoulder because you are gaining fast. I have been telling him at dinner that he needs to eat all his meat to make sure he stays out in front.

    Like Mama sais this month was marked with the eating issues that were brought on by our changing yo off of the newborn formula. The can on the front says 0-3 months so Mama and I changed you to the infant after 3 months and you had issues. I went and got some of the newborn stuff to switch you back and saw in fine print on back after 4 months switch to others. Why it says “0-3” months on front then seems idiotic to me.

    This month you really started giving out the smiles in mass numbers. JJ was so stingy with his smiles so this is a really great trait of yours that Mama and I both really enjoy. Sometimes when I look your way you raise an eyebrow to get my attention and then beam the biggest smile I haver ever seen. Those make my day. You also seem to be more comfortable with having me around and letting me hold you. Mama still handles the majority of the work, but every once in a while you let me give her a break.

    JJ loves that you are becoming more interactive and always wants to know where you are when you are not in the room with him. You guys can give each other first bumps as well and it makes JJ crack up. He still gives you a kiss every night before going to bed.

    I think you look an awful lot like your Mama! You seem to have her face shape and eye setting and nose and mouth. She is a pretty lady so you are a lucky little guy to resemble her. Sometimes I see some of JJ in you, but I think you are your own little guy.

    You like to listen to stories and are always craning away from the bottle with Mama while I am reading to JJ. Mama usually moves closer and we share the book.

    You make a funny little squawking noise that I thought was due to reflux, but as you are getting older realize it means you want attention. When you are in your bouncy seat at the table and I am feeding JJ you will start squawking. When I turn your way you get a huge smile on your face. Then JJ will squawk louder to get me to tuirn bakc his way and he starts to laugh. I end up looking like I am watching a tennis match between you two guys.

    You are officially sleeeping through the night going from like 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM. We reduced the amounts that we are feeding you and increased the number of feedings and it seems to be agreeing with you.

    I love you so much and am excited to get you up to see all of your aunts and uncles and cousins and nanny and grampy soon.


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