Last Sunday we celebrated Boom – he is a great dad and the boys are really lucky to have such a wonderful role model to look up to and learn from.

The boys gave Boom the most excellent gifts – a hand sewn leather football and baseball, perfect for Boom since he is such a sports enthusiast!  The football is personalized:

What a great gift, if I do say so myself 🙂  At least this year I was on the ball (no pun intended!), and not scrambling around at the last minute.  Boom is so good to us, he deserves to be celebrated!

I cooked (gasp!) brunch for us – the 2 casseroles you see in the foreground.  And in the background on the left side is the craft I thought up for play group!  Everyone seemed to love the craft and resulting father’s day gift, so that is good.

We had Little L and her parents over to celebrate – the kiddies had a great time playing after breakfast!  JJ was definitely  intrigued by the princess figurines that Little L had – he isn’t used to seeing stuff like that!  I love her ladybug outfit – I always associate ladybugs with her, I think because she dressed up as one for Halloween.

Anyway, hopefully Boom had a good day.  I had some great ideas of gifts to give him (from me) but ran out of time to execute – I guess I can save those ideas for his birthday.  I did give him a frame that reads “The Boys” with a pic of JJ and Sailor in it.  Really, that is all a proud Dada needs!


2 responses to “Dada

  1. Boom had a great day and very much appreciated being celebrated by Tingaling, JJ and Cap’n Hollow Leg. Thanks for the great gifts and for the delicious breakfast. I am the luckiest Dad/Husband in the world and I remember that everyday not just on Father’s Day!


  2. I agree John is a great dad and husband, enjoying all the love from ting and boys….

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