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Four Months!

Dearest Little Bub –

You turned four months a few (um, over 10) days ago! You are a big boy!  At your 4 month well baby appointment, the nurse had to measure your length 3 times!  She was all, that is not possible, he is off the charts!  So you are 27 inches long (95%+), weigh 17 lbs and 15 ounces (95%) and your head is 17.75 inches in diameter (90%).  I am pretty sure you are larger now than JJ was at 6 months – really, you are just perfect!

A lot has happened this month…

You took your first flight up to Boston to see Dada’s side of the family.  You are a good little traveler – you slept a lot and then just hung out.  Both ways, folks deboarding the plane commented on what good travelers you and JJ are!  The best compliment is that folks forgot that a baby was on board!

You got to spend lots of time with cousins, aunts, uncles, Nana and Grampy – and got to meet all of your extended family at your clam bake!  Everyone loved seeing you, but especially all the gals – as you can see you were quite a hit!  People were lined up to hold you!

You also embarked on your first step down the road of Catholicism.  You were great when the priest dribbled water on your head – and the ceremony only took 15 minutes!  So not enough time for you to get fussy at all.

And while we were on the Cape, you learned how to roll from your belly to your back.  Now we just need to work on getting you to roll from your back to your belly!

Dada loves spending time with you – with his busy schedule and a demanding older son, I am sure he wishes he could spend more time with you.  But you guys are very sweet when you do get a few moments together.

We started you on solids – you are still perplexed to what is going on.  I also have to mix the rice cereal with prune juice, as it really seems to plug you up.

JJ still seems to think you are pretty cool.  He always asks about you if you are not around, and if you are, he always wants to share his toys, or give you a hug and a kiss.  You love watching your older bro!  Really, when he is around, you only have eyes for him.  I know you guys are going to be the best of friends and that makes me so happy!

Popo got in  a few days after your 4month milestone, and she couldn’t be happier!  She loves you and JJ so so much!  She is especially impressed with what a content and relaxed baby you are.

You are such a good, happy baby!  Even more laid back and chill than JJ, which is quite remarkable.  Most people probably didn’t even think that is possible!  I really can’t complain at all – you eat well, sleep pretty well (especially considering you are only 4 months!), and just cry if you are tired, hungry or gassy.  and a lot of times you wake up and just hang out in your crib for up to an hour – playing with your feet and the whatnot.  It really is too adorable.

I love you, little Sailor, so so SO SO SO much!  I am really trying to savor your babyhood, as our little family is complete.  And you are getting to be a lot more fun – and it will only get better!






We are finally back home after 2 weeks up on Cape Cod.  I had grand plans to blog from the iPad, but clearly that didn’t happen.

Here is a quick photo summary of what we did:

Spent lots of time with loved ones.  Boom has 2 sisters and a brother and they all have kids, so it was great that we got to see them and hang out!

Read. JJ loves his grandpy!  J is his namesake, so it makes sense.

Celebrated.  Since all 18 of us haven’t been together in ages (3 years!), we’ve started a tradition of doing Christmas in July.  Nana even put up a mini-Christmas tree!  The kids loved getting gifts randomly in July.

Little Sailor got christened up there, so it was a great excuse to have a…

CLAMBAKE!  What is a visit to the Cape without a clambake?!  and all of Boom’s uncles and aunts and their kids were there to celebrate with us.  39 folks in total.  So fun to see the extended family.

Played.  JJ had no shortage of playmates.  His cousins loved playing with him.

Experienced baseball.  This was my first trip to Fenway!  We had great seats, compliments of Boom’s brother, in row J – just 10 rows up from the field!

We went to a Chatham Anglers baseball game  – gotta love the Cape League!  Lots of famous players once played in the Cape League (like Jason Varitek and Jacoby Elsbery, both of the Boston Red Sox).

Smiled.  The whole time we were up there, the boys were really great!  So lots of smiles from them and us!

“Swam”.  JJ loves the ocean!  He couldn’t get enough of the beach and water – and he has no fear.  He would walk into the ocean over his head, and when we’d pick him up out of it, he’d be smiling and laughing!

Entertained.  Probably the toughest parts about going up to the Cape is the long flight – I did a good job, I think, stocking up on things to keep JJ amused on both flights.  He had stickers, crayons, markers, coloring books, new snacks, fun new toys, and something I would highly recommend for anyone traveling with a toddler – a plastic Slinky!  It probably cost me about $1, but J loved playing with it.  We didn’t even had to bust out the iPad on either flights.  I was quite pleased.  Little Sailor, being less mobile and more sleepy, slept for a good portion of both flights.

Many thanks to Nana and Grandpy for hosting us and loving on the boys so much!  We had a wonderful time.