We are finally back home after 2 weeks up on Cape Cod.  I had grand plans to blog from the iPad, but clearly that didn’t happen.

Here is a quick photo summary of what we did:

Spent lots of time with loved ones.  Boom has 2 sisters and a brother and they all have kids, so it was great that we got to see them and hang out!

Read. JJ loves his grandpy!  J is his namesake, so it makes sense.

Celebrated.  Since all 18 of us haven’t been together in ages (3 years!), we’ve started a tradition of doing Christmas in July.  Nana even put up a mini-Christmas tree!  The kids loved getting gifts randomly in July.

Little Sailor got christened up there, so it was a great excuse to have a…

CLAMBAKE!  What is a visit to the Cape without a clambake?!  and all of Boom’s uncles and aunts and their kids were there to celebrate with us.  39 folks in total.  So fun to see the extended family.

Played.  JJ had no shortage of playmates.  His cousins loved playing with him.

Experienced baseball.  This was my first trip to Fenway!  We had great seats, compliments of Boom’s brother, in row J – just 10 rows up from the field!

We went to a Chatham Anglers baseball game  – gotta love the Cape League!  Lots of famous players once played in the Cape League (like Jason Varitek and Jacoby Elsbery, both of the Boston Red Sox).

Smiled.  The whole time we were up there, the boys were really great!  So lots of smiles from them and us!

“Swam”.  JJ loves the ocean!  He couldn’t get enough of the beach and water – and he has no fear.  He would walk into the ocean over his head, and when we’d pick him up out of it, he’d be smiling and laughing!

Entertained.  Probably the toughest parts about going up to the Cape is the long flight – I did a good job, I think, stocking up on things to keep JJ amused on both flights.  He had stickers, crayons, markers, coloring books, new snacks, fun new toys, and something I would highly recommend for anyone traveling with a toddler – a plastic Slinky!  It probably cost me about $1, but J loved playing with it.  We didn’t even had to bust out the iPad on either flights.  I was quite pleased.  Little Sailor, being less mobile and more sleepy, slept for a good portion of both flights.

Many thanks to Nana and Grandpy for hosting us and loving on the boys so much!  We had a wonderful time.



6 responses to “Cape

  1. Great photos Tingaling. Lot’s of fun was had up on the Cape. I think JJ really had a blast this year getting to play with and hang out with everyone. Sailor was great the whole visit and loved all the people holding him. Long day yesterday and today, but we will all be back into the swing of things soon!

  2. Looks like a fantastic time! Great to see you and the buddha but I need a little JJ time 🙂

  3. What pretty pics! And how cool that you got to go to Fenway! Congrats on Fisher’s Christening too! And seriousley, no Ipad needed on the flights? That kid is awesome! Thanks for the tip on the slinky, I’ll be buying one for sure! Looks like you had a great time, but we sure are glad you are back!

  4. thanks for all the pictures, looked like everybody had a great time, especially JJ, now he is big enough to enjoy life ..

    I’ll be back home on 18th and will see the boys soon…

  5. Ting and John,
    We had a great visit and the kids could not have been better. Think alot of it has to do with keeping them on their schedules, as you both do so well. They are happy and just a joy to be around. Ting could you forward us the pictures would love to get some copies. Was too busy and never got my camera out. Guess I know I can always depend on you and HB to cover me. Thanks for all the efforts it took in getting everyone up here and the wonderful clambake celebration!

  6. I am finally getting around to catching up on your blog and WOW what an amazing trip!! You all made so many wonderful memories those two weeks – just priceless!! And your boys just get cuter each day! Thanks for keeping us updated with your post! We miss seeing you guys more often these days!

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