Some Backyard Fun!

JJ and Sailor got a lot of great loot up on the Cape for Christmas in July – and they are definitely putting it all to good use!

This blow up snake pool with hose attachment for a mini-fountain is totally awesome!  (and Dada was totally awesome to blow it up with just his lungs – no pump!)  JJ loves swimming and so for days that he naps late / after school or we just feel like hanging out at home (or have to, if Sailor is napping), this is a great thing to have for the backyard!  and it helps keep JJ cool in this ri-donk-uously hot weather.

The other week, little Sailor even got in on the fun… in his new fishy swim suit!  Isn’t it too adorable?!

I am glad the boys like the water!

2 responses to “Some Backyard Fun!

  1. JJ and DD are a couple of water bugs. I really see the similarity in their face structure and features in the two pictures above. Take away JJ’s tan and hair and they could be twinks!

  2. The pool looks like great fun!

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