Crafts I have been up to…

Way back in May, I finally finished the reverse applique t-shirt for JJ – I even took pictures along the way, in hopes to get a tute up, but oh well…  the shirt came out well and J seems to like it:

There are lots of new babies, arriving or soon to be arriving!  So I have definitely been busy with my standard handmade baby gifts.  I love my light weight seersucker blankets with rounded corners –  so much so that I almost feel bad for all the fall / winter babies.  I’ll try the rounded corners with flannel – maybe I will love that a lot too!  and recently I have been obsessed with light blue and red!

I have been getting so much use out of my Silhouette SD cutting machine that Yarbs gave to me for my bday!  I love it – and I have barely delved into the depths of it’s capabilities! I created my first decoupaged frame – and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it came out!

and for father’s day, I hosted play group at my house with a fun craft gift that we all made for the hard working dad’s in our lives.  It was chaotic (11 ladies, 10 toddlers and 1 baby) – but fun!  I wish I could do more group setting crafting – it is fun!

I made “sets” of cut outs (#, Dada, random shapes) and had the ladies bring pictures of their little ones.  The pictures were placed in the “a”s of Dada. The “1” was created with finger prints of their little one – connected to make the 1.

Everyone really enjoyed it and it was fun that they got to leave with a gift for Dad!

I even got a little scrapbooking in – as part of a 2nd birthday gift to Mustang, a friend JJ has know since JJ was  weeks old!  I loved looking at all the pictures – the boys have grown so much!

I’ve also done a few other things that I haven’t taken pics of – which I should have (and some that I can’t share just yet), but I figured I should document all these projects, as I am finding lots of other projects to add to my list!  Mainly using my Silhouette – fun times!

One response to “Crafts I have been up to…

  1. JJ and DD along with all of your friends and their BBs are all pretty lucky that they have such a “Crafty” Mama and friend.

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