Messy Morning

Today is the first day in a LONG time that I have been alone with both boys – usually I have my mom here or someone here to help me… but I chose to give an alone day a try – why not?!  Lots of people deal with 2 (or more) babies all alone!  I can do this too! (I am hoping if I repeat this enough, it will become true)

Usually, I try to do an outing (pool, music class, Children’s Museum, etc) with J in the morning, and then the afternoon doesn’t seem so hard to handle.  I knew a morning at home would be somewhat challenging.  So I decided to make it our messy morning!  After little Sailor went down for his nap, we started with finger painting:

J may have started out a bit slowly, but he ramped it up and evolved finger into feet painting, which was just fine as we were using washable paint outside:

[on a side note, I hear that when kids turn 2 they start losing some of their baby fat, that they start getting more lean – boo!  I love J’s adorable chunky feet!]

Once he was tired of this, I brought out the “messy” bin.  Here are it’s contents:

2 of the trinkets were from recent birthday party favor bags (water gun and red monster thingy), the spikey ball was one that we already had, the bottle with the beads in it I made last night (glued cap on, of course) and the shark and bigger smooth ball were new (bought on sale at Targ).  After one entire can of shaving cream, this is what JJ got to get really, really messy with:

And he really enjoyed it! (I also put the water on – pointing up with the “shower” flow selected, so he could get wet and wash off his hands and trinkets)

He loved the bouncy ball – and even the little spiky ball (despite the fact that it was recycled and he has seen it a million times).

J loved squishing the shaving cream, but then wanted it off his hands  immediately!

Based on the length of his nap, I think messy morning was a great success!  I think it was great to be outside and doing things that were very tactile. And the water is always fun for J – after I hosed everything (and him off), I filled his water table, which he always likes.

All of this activity took all of an hour.  Which I guess is pretty good.  Quick, but tiring.  And good thing it was quick, as Sailor woke up early from his morning nap, so we had to go tend to him.

I already have some new ideas from friends and off the blogsphere for my next “alone with the boys” morning.  Maybe I really can do this all by myself…  Well, mom gets here Sunday, so at least I won’t have to try again for a while!

4 responses to “Messy Morning

  1. Ting – You are an aweseme mama! What fun you all had! And, I am SO with you on the “Can I do this alone?” Have I mentioned I am TERRIFIED of my mom leaving next week?! LOL!

  2. Looks like the little man had himself a good time! Great idea.

  3. I see no clothing in these shots, Ting. Is this to help with clean up and laundry management????????? Appears that he is enjoying it all.

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