Double Trouble

JJ is all, What trouble can I scheme up for us to get into?  and Little Sailor is all, I’m concerned, but I’ll go along…

My babies are too adorable!  I love them both so much – and how much fun will it be for both of them once Sailor starts walking?!

Sailor often times looks like he has a secret!  He’s sporting separates here for the first time!

And J now loves to “read” books all by himself!  Comes in handy when I need to put his brother down for a nap… he’s getting older, and thus more able to entertain himself.

Boom and I are so very lucky.  Our boys are healthy and very, very good, laid back dudes!

3 responses to “Double Trouble

  1. They are pretty cute, Fisher looks like he has gotten bigger since you were here. They do appear to have a little bit of devil in those eyes. I do not think you will have much free time on your hands for some time to come.

  2. The phrase “Double Trouble” has never been more appropriately applied!

  3. I love baby buddha’s expression in that second photo…like, mom, you have no idea what’s going to happen when I know how to walk!

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