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Happy Half Birthday, DD!

Dearest DD –

I can’t believe you are six months already!  Time does seem to fly (sometimes, others, it just crawls by).  This month was really fun – you are doing a lot more and definitely more aware and your little personality is coming out!

You are a big baby – 100%tile for height (29 inches), 90%tile for weight (20 lbs) and head size (18 inches).  That is good – you are growing to your fullest genetic potential!  and you are just thriving – a healthy, happy baby is all I ever wanted, and you certainly are both.

It was a big month of firsts for you, as well…

First playgroup meeting.  You are all, I am going to rule the playgroup roost!  Hahaha!  You are not the oldest one, but you were the oldest one at this first meeting.  I think you will likely be the biggest baby 🙂 for a while.

You also started “school” this month.  So far you have gone 2 times and came home with 2 different pieces of “art” that you did.  I love it!  There are 3 babies on the day that you go, with 2 teachers – I am sure you all get so much loving.  Both times, on your daily report, they have put down for your “General Mood” as SUPER happy!  Yay!

We have been working on sitting up a little bit, and you can do it for a few seconds, but then you usually flop over.

You love love LOVE being on your belly!  And in the full Superman pose – head and knees / feet off the ground, arms back with hand in a very aerodynamic position.  Dad tried this pose with you, and after about 1 minute he was exhausted, but not you – can do this all day long.  Such a strong boy! (We tried to get JJ into this pic, but he was very suspect and stayed away)

JJ loves having you around.  When you are not, he is always asking about “baby”.  and you love having him around – one morning J was not feeling so well, so he came in with me to put you down for your nap, and I didn’t think it would really happen, but it did.  You did not mind at all having him there!

Auntie Yarbs also loves being around you.  She is so helpful – on Thursdays her schedule is such that I don’t have to bring you to drop off or pick up for JJ’s school.  It is quite fabulous!  She loves your kisses and to snug snug with you.

And you love your Dada so much!  You always have a huge smile whenever you see him.  You love to slime him, that is for sure.  and he doesn’t mind at all (now that is love for ya!).

DD, Dada and I love you and your brother so much!  We are so excited for you two to be the best of friends!  Thank you for being such a sweet, sweet baby.  Love you guys more than anything in the whole world!




Wow, so I knew it had been a while since my last post, but I didn’t realize that a full month had gone by!  As I tell Boom (when he complains that the blog content is getting “stale”), I am too busy living life to have time to blog about it!  I do need to get better.  I will get DD’s sixth month photo and do a proper monthly letter, but until then….

Yesterday after our walk, the two boys had quite a moment.  DD was on his belly and JJ took it upon himself to entertain and make DD laugh! It was really too too adorable!

I like to think that this is just a flash into how great it will be once DD is a little more interactive – I know JJ is ready for DD to be able to play!  As you can see from DD’s huge smile, he loves his big brother a lot.

Days are still long and tough sometimes, but every week things get a little easier.  I think right now is a little bit of a tough time as JJ is really entering the trying twos and asserting his independence and DD really can’t do too much yet (working on sitting up), but wants to.  We are all surviving (and the boys are hopefully thriving) – sometimes I look around and can’t believe so much time has gone by.