Dearest DD –

Sorry, sorry for the delayed letter(s).  This fall, life has been just whirling by.  I am really excited to get caught up soon!

Month 7 was a lot of fun – you are a lot of fun!  You are so chill and good – if you are not too tired or hungry or being held , you usually won’t make a peep!

You like swinging – the weather was still hot in October, so we were able to get some park time in.  When you get in the swing at first, you are a little scared, but once you realize it is fun, you are just fine.  Sometimes I put you and JJ back to back, so riding tandem in the swing.  It is really cute!

You love your belly and loved the skydiver move – on belly, with hands and legs off ground – everyone commented on your strong core!  Here you are trying on a fire helmet, getting ready for JJ’s 2nd birthday!

You were so ready to crawl!  We call you our little bulldog when you are on all fours.  When you hit this point, we knew it was only a matter of weeks before you started crawling!

You have endured so many photo shoots in these 7 months.  Check out this one from your 6 month shoot.  I really love this photo of your maternal side of the family.  Everyone loves you and your brother so so much!  So amazing that we are in Texas so that you and your brother can see PoPo, GongGong, and Auntie a lot!  (Thanks, Boom)

You are loving playgroup – and so am I!  I love that you have your own set of friends, and not just JJ’s friends.  And I really like all the ladies we have in playgroup – everyone lives all over the city (generally inside the loop, or close to the loop), so it is kinda fun to explore – especially since we meet during the day so traffic isn’t bad.

You love your brother most of all.  It really is adorable how much you love watching him and being near him.  Pretty soon you guys will be able to actually play together!

Thank you for always having a smile for me.  I love being your mama so much – you made having 2 babies under the age of 2 as easy as possible (even though 2 kids is a game changer – not double as hard, try exponentially as difficult!).  Dada thinks we are twinks – I am honored to be put in a category with someone as cute as you!




4 responses to “7

  1. Fun update! Love that pic of the whole family – a framer for sure!! 🙂

  2. Is it funny how you can love a baby just as much as another. Who knew the heart can be so big?

    My babies are so cute. I can’t wait until we can go on auntie dates!

  3. oh my, that picture of your side of the family is just priceless! i love it! happy 7 months big guy!

  4. Baby D,

    You are just about the best tempered baby that Mama and I could have wished for. I thought it would be tough to replicate JJ’s smooth first year, but you are making me seriously consider whether you are even less maintenance than your brother.

    You get fussy over just 2 things as far as I can tell. First, you are an eater. You told Mama the other day she could call you whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t call you late for dinner! When you see the bottle in the morning and we are trying to change a diaper or get you situated to eat you are like a baby possessed. Your head is on a mini-swivel moving around so fast and your legs and arms are all akimbo trying to break free of any restraints that are keeping you from getting hand and then mouth on that bottle. Second, you don’t like to be stationary. You want to be down and exploring your surroundings. This month you went from propping yourself up on all fours to rocking back and forth and then took off like you were shot out of a cannon. Now it is tough to run you down when you are in crawl mode.

    You are also the strongest baby in the world. You have the strength of 10 grizzly bears. When you get something in your hand it is like benduing steel to break it free of your grip. I suspect that you will have a world class wrestling career ahead of you. When I try to change your diaper you get multiple escape points as you roll on your belly and scoot away. You have very strong core muscles and Mama and I both have to hold you down to prevent you from spinning away from us.

    I like to put you up on my shoulders and carry you around the house, but I am not able to do it often. You take that opportunity to grab two fists full of hair and then start acting like you are trying to break a wild bronco. I have walked away from those sessions confident that I will loose all of my harir before you are two years old.

    You love your brother and want to get into anything that he has, be it a book, toy or food. If he is looking at it you crawl over grab a fist fuill of his shirt and pull up eye level and then try to take it away. This usually elecits a glance from J to me and Mama and then a load “Ohhhh… DD”

    J likes to proactively bring you a toy to keep you preoccupied when he is ready to play with something. He loves you a lot and still makes sure to give you a kiss every night before bed.

    You are not into the books like your brother was. I could sit and read War and Peace to JJ and he would say “more..more..”. You on the other hand try to take the books from me and tear them in half or find a way to turn them into food.

    I love you so much and am realy enjoying playing with you now that you are a little more sturdy and not an infant anymore. We have some great wresting matches and you like to get thrown up like your brother.

    You have the best smile in the world and you are always willing to flash it. Makes me feel so great when I see it and always causes me to snug you in a little tighter.

    Mama and I have started switching off who gets to put each of you down so you and I are getting more time together at bed time. You don’t seem to mind my singing voice, but when you are really tired you try to pinch my lips together so I get the point to close my yap.

    I love you very much,

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