Dear DD –

So month 8 – you are still smiley as ever!  and getting quite big – you are wearing full on 12- month clothes.  Clothes that I remember your brother wearing when he was walking!  and your feet and hands are quite large – I think you are going to be a tall one, lucky boy!

Your sitting got to be very sturdy – I could plop you down and you could sit no problem.  But you started not liking to have me / Dada / PoPo / Auntie out of your sight.  So whereas I used to be able to sit you down to grab the dry laundry to bring out to fold, around this time you started to not like not being able to see me.  I know that is totally normal, but JJ never really was like that, so it is just taking some getting used to.

It was your first Halloween, and you were Pooh’s hunny pot!  One of the ladies in my old bootcamp told me how she had dressed up her 2 kids as Pooh and the hunny pot, and I knew I had to do that for you guys!  I think I always want you guys to be some sort of duo (as long as you are agreeable to it).  I can’t wait for Batman and Robin!

We took a trip up to the Northeast to see Dada’s family.  Loved getting you out on the windy beach for some photos!  We found out on this trip that you are a champ when it comes to car rides.  We drove for 3+ hours from Nana and Grampy’s house to Little E’s and you literally didn’t make one peep!  It was amazing.  At one point, I asked Nana to take a look at you to make sure you were OK, you had been so quite!

You loved meeting your new cousin Hank!  You were always trying to scoot to where he was on the floor.  He was only a month old – and teeny!

We also found out on this trip that you are not a huge fan of plane flights.  You did alright on the 3.5 hour flight up, but the 4.5 hour flight home you were not please. At all.  You basically screamed for 3.5 hours – and there were no other babies so we couldn’t blame it on anyone else.  I think after the 2 hour drive to the airport, you were basically done.  Then the flight was an eternity and a half – I really didn’t think I was going to make it.  It literally was one of the worst experiences of my life.  You are just at the worst age to fly  –  you just wanted to be down and scooting around, not being help for hours on end.  Once we got you in your car seat in our car, you were out like a light.  But we all survived and it was worth it for everyone to get to see you and your brother.

Basically you started crawling after we got back from our trip.  You want to crawl to where ever JJ is, and play with whatever he is playing with.  Ah, such a little brother!  I think JJ is still getting used to you being so mobile.

You really are a joy to be around.  Such a happy boy – I often times call you Mister Smiley, because you are!  Everything is good – you are eating well, napping / sleeping well, getting around well, very curious about everything!  You are a fearless explorer (much like his mama, I like to think 🙂  I think you are liking being read to a little more – you just don’t like to be still for anything!

I love you, my little butterball.  Your cheeks and thighs and fat little feet are just too adorable!  Your little belly sticks out and it is just the cutest.  You are just perfect, in my book!




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  1. DD is Mister Smiley! He and JJ are such joys – you are one lucky mama!

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