JJ’s 2nd Birthday Bash!

Dearest JJ –

I can’t believe you are two!!! Your 2nd birthday was last month and we had a big fire engine themed bash for you, since you love fire trucks!  Lucky for us there is a fire station literally a couple blocks from our house that we pass on a nearly daily basis – so fun for you to see the fire engines, fire chief’s car, and ambulances!

You are a great boy!  Even in your trying twos (which you have been in for a bit now), you really aren’t as trying as you could be.  More importantly, you are funny!  and you know it.  You’ve started saying “that’s funny” and “Jack’s funny”, which is hilarious to me!

The prep for this party kind of reminded me of when I was getting married – I was barely sleeping, barely eating, just working on all the projects I had in mind for the party.  Didn’t help that we were out of town for 10 days right before the party.  I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but I was really happy with how it all turned out!

The 3D fire engine cake was AH-mazing!  The baker is a real artist!  Just building and decorating the cake took forever – after all the cake was baked, she started working on it at 12noon on the day before the party, worked straight until 5am of the day of the party, napped for 3 hours, then worked on it from 8am until 2pm, just in time to deliver it to us.  It really was awesome and just perfect!

The firefighters were so great – they came to the house with siren wailing and lights on! (I think they kind of were laughing at me when we went to the fire station that morning and I handed them my typed letter, full of reminder – lights / siren being one of them)

You loves trying out the drivers’ seat!  What an awesome and unique experience!

Luckily for us, the West U FD doesn’t get too much action, so the engines are quite literally sparkling clean.  They probably wash the engines 2-3 times a week.

I even asked if one of the firemen could be dressed in the full regalia (when I asked, I was all “make one of the newbies dress up” and the fireman I was talking to got a kick out of that).  At least it wasn’t too too hot that day.

Look at all these people who love you!  All told, there were 75 people (adults + kids +babies) at your second birthday party.  I am beginning to think that your nana is right that you won’t really know what a “normal” birthday party is like.

Since I knew we’d have to be in the front yard, I transformed the garage into the main sheltered area of the party.  I wish I had counted how many balloons we used to decorate – it was a large number!  PoPo blew up all the non-helium balloon!

We also got a bounce house – here you and Mustang (dressed in his Cookie Monster Halloween costume) are enjoying being the first ones in!  This bounce house was a point of debate between Dada and me – I am so glad that we got it – you loved it, as did all the other kids!

DD was ready to party!  The photo booth was one thing that didn’t quite work with this set up – mainly since we were unsure if it was going to rain or not, so kept bringing things into the house then back out.  Luckily the rain didn’t come.

I had a dessert table (in addition to the cake) with fun “pops” – Smokin’ S’mores (giant marshmallows dipped in chocolate and rolled in graham crackers) and Fire Axe Pops (double stuffed blonde Oreos dipped in red candy coating) – I think anything on a pop is just so fun (also had Petite Four Alarms – thanks, Boom, for the cute name help!).  Looks to me by your double fisting that you approved!  (Hmm, I wonder who gave you both of those at the same time!)

Many thanks to Auntie Yarbs for taking all the photos!  and for tying labels onto the fire dog favors that the firemen handed out, among many other things.  It is so great to have a sister in town that I can ask to bring dinner over and then work until 10pm the night before the party!

and many thanks to PoPo for coming in the week before the party so that I could do as much as I could get done in trying to fulfill my crazy vision for your second birthday party. PoPo loves you and DD so much!

and of course, many, many, MANY thanks to Dada who didn’t think it was odd for me to have sleepless nights over the minute details of the party.  Dada lives with my craziness day in and day out and is nice enough to not point it out all that often.

So, JJ, I hope you had a good time at your party.  I think you kinda realized all the hoopla was about you – you certainly loved having everyone sing “happy happy” to you!  I know this sort of a 2nd birthday party probably seems a bit ridiculous to most, but the day you were born was the best day of my life (as was the day DD was born) – so I think it is only fitting to really celebrate (and I mean REALLY CELEBRATE!!!) your birthday.

As my first born, you will always have a special place in my heart.  You are no longer a baby, and that makes me sad, but you are so much fun these days!  Even when you are being contrary, you usually make me laugh.  I do wish you’d let me give you a thousand kisses all at the same time without pulling away, but I guess I can see how that might be slightly annoying.  It’s fun being able to have a conversation with you – and that you remember so much. I love being your mama so much.  I love you, my sweet pea!  (but know that next year I really am going to tone it down for your birthday)




2 responses to “JJ’s 2nd Birthday Bash!

  1. yes, JJ Is still the cutest 2 year old around, even when he is being contrary!

  2. yay! the post i have been waiting for! oh my ting, the party was amazzing! from the cake pops, to the typed instructions for the fireman, to the cool garage transformation! i can’t believe the cake, who did you use? and the pictures are precious, along with the darling words you wrote to jack, you two have such a lovely bond! and i will say it once more, i soooo wish we were there to help him celebrate!

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