This past week has been the hardest in recent memory. Jack got sick over the weekend and a trip to the doctor on Monday morning confirmed he had RSV. Blah.

I had to go to 4 drugstores to purchase nebulizer, and poor J started breathing treatments that night.


Boom is such a good dad – once I told him J has to wear a mask and do breathing treatments, he realized how to make it “fun” (or at least tolerable) to J – it is his “Darth Vadar” mask! (Why, you might ask, does a 2 year old know about Darth Vadar? He really only has seen a pic in an old book that used to be Booms.)

I was impresses with Boom’s thought to make the treatments kinda fun, instead of just muscling through, like I figured we’d have to.

The poor DD got the RSV – the doctor did tell me to keep he boys apart, on different rooms. That is just super easy to do, with 2 babies. Here he is on the way home from the doctors… So tired!


Wednesday and yesterday were super hard – I was thrown up on more times than I can remember and I was in tears at least once. I do think the worst is past us, thank goodness. Boom was seriously concerned for my mental health. As he always says, it is a short ride to crazy town for me.

I just want everyone to feel better and be my normal good boys!


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