I am a mom and self-proclaimed know-it-all (all except for baby rearing).  We are a family of 4 now – hubs (Boom), toddler (JJ) and baby (Sailor).  Like to do all kinds of crafts – don’t have one focus but rather like to try out all kinds of things. Recently haven’t had much time for crafting, so this bloggy blog is more about baby / life and less about crafts.

Feel free to leave comments – or you can contact me at princess.tinga[at]gmail[dot]com

That’s all!

2 responses to “About

  1. Hi == just stumbled upon your website from “How About Orange Website.” Saw your idea with the tags & sewing! Love it. Did you glue all the scrap papers down first — or are they loose and just attached with your stitches? Thank you.
    Pittsburgh PA

  2. Yes, I glued the scraps down with a glue stick (they don’t have to be adhered too perfectly) – let it all dry a bit, and then stitched over them. Just remember that if you sew paper, you should designate that needle as your paper needle, as it will be too dull to be a good fabric needle.

    Good luck!

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