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Last Sunday we celebrated Boom – he is a great dad and the boys are really lucky to have such a wonderful role model to look up to and learn from.

The boys gave Boom the most excellent gifts Рa hand sewn leather football and baseball, perfect for Boom since he is such a sports enthusiast!  The football is personalized:

What a great gift, if I do say so myself ūüôā¬† At least this year I was on the ball (no pun intended!), and not scrambling around at the last minute.¬† Boom is so good to us, he deserves to be celebrated!

I cooked (gasp!) brunch for us – the 2 casseroles you see in the foreground.¬† And in the background on the left side is the craft I thought up for play group!¬† Everyone seemed to love the craft and resulting father’s day gift, so that is good.

We had Little L and her parents over to celebrate – the kiddies had a great time playing after breakfast!¬† JJ was definitely¬† intrigued by the princess figurines that Little L had – he isn’t used to seeing stuff like that!¬† I love her ladybug outfit – I always associate ladybugs with her, I think because she dressed up as one for Halloween.

Anyway, hopefully Boom had a good day.¬† I had some great ideas of gifts to give him (from me) but ran out of time to execute – I guess I can save those ideas for his birthday.¬† I did give him a frame that reads “The Boys” with a pic of JJ and Sailor in it.¬† Really, that is all a proud Dada needs!

Happiness is…

… seeing what a good big brother JJ already is!

JJ loves to say “bay-bee” and help out by handing burp cloths to me and Popo.

Happiness is also seeing Boom and JJ together:

Boom is such a great dad, and I think this week off he is taking is really helping JJ transition into his role as big bro.¬† JJ is loving having dad around so much! Booms taken JJ to school, to a few of the neighborhood parks, and this morning he is at music class with him!¬† I warned him he’d be the only dad, but Boom doesn’t care about that.¬† He just wants to spend time and have fun with JJ!

Not only is Boom a great dad, he is a great hubby.¬† He even went to the monogram store for me – even I didn’t think he’d be game to do that, but he was, and it was a huge help!

I am such a lucky, lucky gal in so many ways!


On St. Patrick’s Day, Boom, Baby J and I welcomed a new lucky leprechaun into our lives!¬† Sailor is indeed a lucky boy, and we sure are so so so lucky to have him!

Could he be any more adorable?!  I think not.  And JJ seems to be transitioning into his role as big brother quite nicely.  JJ is a good, sweet boy.

It is just so crazy to me that we are now a family of four Рthat I have two sons!  I love my boys so so much!

I love all the faces and expressions little Sailor makes.  So hilarious!  And total de ja vu for Boom and I РSailor looks so much like Baby J did when he was a wee one.

Mother Nature is pretty smart – no matter what we moms have to go through, the end prize of a perfect little baby makes everything else seem so insignificant.¬† And I never thought I could love anything as much as I love Baby J, that there wouldn’t be enough in my heart to go around, but now I know that is wrong.

Boom – Baby J – Sailor – you guys make me the luckiest gal in the whole world!!!


Fun at the Park

On Monday (President’s Day), Boom was able to come home a bit early and join JJ and I for our standing date to the park.¬† Which was excellent for everyone involved!¬† JJ loves having his dad around and I am getting to the point where climbing on the play structure is not really fun for me (since I am only 3 1/2 weeks until my due date!).

Look at that adorable baby!¬† He is getting to be such a big boy!¬† He is obsessed with trucks and calls them “tucks”!¬† His top right molar is nearly fully in, and his top left one is starting to emerge.

My two favorite guys Рhere they are on the slide.  So glad Boom was there to take him down Рor at least I could catch him at the bottom.  Going down a slide for me right now is not really all that fun.

Wee!  Running on the hill!  JJ is becoming a good runner!  and he loves it when I skip / do high knees.  He tries to do so as well, and usually can only do the high knee with his right leg.  So freaking cute!

He knows where his belly button is – and where his ears, eyes, hair, nose, hand, feet, and hand are.

He also knows where Mustang’s belly button is!

The mirror at the park (and also at home) is one of his favorite spots.¬† He always has to kiss that handsome baby he sees in the reflection!¬† Doesn’t seem like he has any self confidence issues – which is a good thing!

The boys love having a dada to play with Рdada is definitely are more active and interactive than I can be right now.  So glad Boom was able to join us and that I captured some of the fun he and JJ had together!  Love you both so much!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To my two favorite guys in the whole world – happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you both more than you will ever know!  I am the luckiest gal in the whole world, having both of you in my life.


Back to Normal

After a couple trying weeks, our little Baby J seems to be back to his normal, happy self.¬† We now put him down at 6pm, and doesn’t get out of bed until 630ish am!¬† (Thank goodness for Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child!¬† That book is AWESOME!¬† Many thanks to JoJo for sending it our way!)¬† And he naps about 2+ hours in the morning and for 30mins – 1 hour in the afternoon.¬† I know his morning nap should be the shorter one, but his schedule will be all shot once we are up in Maine, so I figure as much sleep as he can get now is a good thing.

He is eating like a champ (yay!) Рit was a 2 egg breakfast morning today.  He also has had a pretty smooth transition from formula to whole milk and from the bottle to sippy cup.  We just went cold turkey.  And now Baby J is resigned to the sippy cup.  He is such a good, good baby!

We are so lucky that Dada is at a point in his career that he has his weekends free.  We were able to all go to the park both Saturday and Sunday Рand enjoy this cool, but really nice December weather.

Baby J and Boom are besties, that is for sure.  I am just chopped liver whenever Dada is around.  But who can blame Baby J?!  He sees my mug 24-7, and I am sure gets bored of that.  Not to mention Dada is lots of fun Рalways doing silly thing to make JJ laugh and giggle!

OK, so JJ isn’t laughing in the above photo, but believe me, he had an awesome time at the park with Dada.¬† And I can’t think of a sound I love more than to hear my little baby (er, little boy) laughing.¬† It really is music to my ears!

Baby J loves seeing his reflection!¬† He’s all, Who is that adorable baby?!¬† And I agree, he really is the most adorable baby ever!

JJ is so lucky to have such an awesome dad, who loves loves loves spending time with him more than anything.¬† I am lucky to have such an awesome hubby, who cooks when he can and really helps out a lot.¬† Life can’t get much better than this, and I am so thankful for that!



On Friday night, Boom and I had a very adult (and late) night out – attending Houston Grand Opera’s new production of Madame Butterfly and the opening night dinner.¬† We had a fabulous time!

I’ve never seen Butterfly – have always heard about it – so am glad I finally got to see it!¬† The new production had me in tears – it is such a sad, sad story.¬† and the music is so beautiful – gotta love Puccini.¬† I was surprised I was moved so much – I really didn’t expect to cry at all, let alone as hard and long as I did.¬† I have never been so moved by any performing art performance.

And the post-performance opening night dinner was a lot of fun!  Even Boom, who had his doubts, had a really good time.  I loved not having to work the event, and it was good seeing lot of friends and making new ones!

But man, we were beat by the end of the evening.¬† We didn’t get home until past midnight, and that is really, really late for us!¬† Oh well, Boom got a nap in while Baby J slept on Saturday – and I got a little caught up on blogging and emails!

I am lucky I have such a great hubs that will go along with my cra cra plans, even if he kinda doesn’t want to, and then admit when he has had a good time!¬† I think he is going to come to Peter Grimes with me this Friday, even though I have given him an out multiple times!¬† Love you, Boom!