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Tonight I was working on the SCAN Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom center pieces, which are masks, made by kiddies. There are about 95 of them, and I decided that most all of them needed “sprucing up”. So, for about an hour, I glued on more feathers to each mask. They are really cute, so I am not sure why I felt the need to spruce them up…. oh well, ’tis my OCD coming out…

Vases full of beads will hold the masks (once each mask is put on a stick – tonight I put 48 on sticks – colored pencils! very clever, I thought). However, I don’t want the beads put into the vases pell mell – I want the to have stripes of color, which means grouping the beads… I think my committee will think I am a freak! But I want things to look a certain way…

And luckily for us, the venue that we are holding the event, Main Street Station, is quite beautiful in it’s own right. It recently went through a renovation – so nothing can be hung, taped, secured, etc to any surface. Which makes things easier for us.

I am excited for this event! Lots of hard work and hopefully everyone will have a good time. We’ll be raising money and awareness around stopping child abuse right here in the community that we live in.

R.K.’s 19th Annual Xmas Party

Here are photos from last weekend BTE…

Dinner at Havana 59:

havana1.jpg Our long table!!!  The reservation just kept growing and growing…

havana-2.jpg  Cute gals!

The party:

tj.jpg Duh – Boomboom and I… I bet you are tired of seeing photos of the 2 of us…

airguitar.jpg Boom getting his air guitar on!

Post Party at Big Travs:

galspost.jpg Here we all are!

grettypost.jpg  Gretty’s interpretive dance…

ctpost.jpg Woo hooo!

Good thing Court brought the beer and music – she made the post-party!


OK, we are tired now.  At least we got some pizza!


Here are some photos of our fun Friday at the Children’s Hospital Ball.  Too bad we had to cut the night short due to our early morning flight…

img_1523.jpg  img_1520.jpg

img_1524.jpg img_1521.jpg

img_1525.jpg img_1527.jpg

Carr – the last one with the glasses – got mistaken for Boomboom!  He was in line and someone started talking to him and said “I saw your wife Tingaling…”  hehehe – do they look alike?  Carrs hair is much thicker and bushier…

I didn’t take that many photos, unfortunately…

Star Twin

Friday was the Children’s Hospital Ball at THE country club here in town. It is fun to see what you can see at the Ball – it is always a scene! And it is always packed – which is half the fun. The Junior Board of the Children’s Hospital works all year to put on this really great event that brings in a LOT of mola for the Children’s Hospital.

Anyway, I was mixing and mingling with my friends, drinking some vino. When I noticed my glass was empty, I decided to go to the bar for a refill. I walked up to the bartender, smiled and held out my empty wine glass. The bartender didn’t take my glass, he just stood there – staring at me. I smiled again, and said, “May I have more red wine?”

He continued to stare and that is when I started thinking a boogey was on my face or smeared on my shirt when he says, “It’s just that… it’s just that you look so much like her!!! Like Lucy Lui!!!”

“Thanks, I take that as a compliment.”

He then finally takes my glass and basically fills it to the brim with red wine.

I proceed to polish off that humongous glass of wine, and definitely regret it the next morning when I awake at 5am after 4 hours of sleep to jet off to the Big Easy.

I will post photos of the Ball (didn’t take enough!) and post more about our trip and photos of the Crescent City.


We had a good time last night! Great news, Kandy and Jams are engaged! At 547pm, I get a txt: “Jams just proposed. We’ll be a little late to fur ball.” WHA?! Very exciting, even via text!

So this is how the proposal went down:

Kandy, just had gotten out of the shower, hair mussed.

“Got a sec?” – Jams

“For what?” – Kandy

“Here!” Jams excitedly thrusts the open ring box towards Kandy

Literally, that is what happened! Awesome.

I brought my camera to Fur Ball, but unfort, forgot to put the battery in that I was charging just for the first night of BTS (Black Tie Season). Anyway, all the decorations (and invitation) and favors were green and pink! So cute!


And the Kugle Ball was very fun as well! A fun band and lots of dancing going on. Our cute, fun friends were there with us! Yay!


And Boomboom and I:


What a good lookin’ couple 😉

Now the balls of my feet are a little sore. But Boomboom got us scones and coffee this morn (well, soy chai extra hot for me), which helps. Feet up helps as well.