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Menu – Week of 7/14

Last week was very successful! I made all of the recipes, and they all turned out quite well. We really liked the fish – and it was super easy and easy to clean up after! We were so hungry and ate it all up so quickly that I did not get a chance to take a photo of it. I will do the fish again, but maybe try another type of fish (last week it was sea bass, from sustainable fisheries at Whole Foods). And try to capture all my recipes on film.

The veggies casserole I made on Sunday was pretty good – it was odd since the recipe called for whole eggs to be broken on top of all the veggies, but not wisked up – just whole eggs, yokes and all. Made for an odd looking casserole after it had been baked…

The yokes are definitely very defined and noticeable. At least it tasted good.

Monday (today): Quinoa and lentils with succotash

Since I got to the grocery store on Tuesdays, this is the typical Monday night dinner, since we usually have no food left in the house. I may wilt some spinach with the grains.

Tuesday: I have a meeting this night, so Boom will fend for himself.

Wednesday: Fish, with spinach and couscous.

Thursday: Hurry Curry (first time to do this! From my ART180 cookbook)

Friday: Tuna Edaname Past (also first time to do this! From my ART180 cookbook)

Sat We are hitting the town with another couple.

Sunday: Homemade pizza

I make the crust in the breadmaker, and then we can just put whatever we want on top. I am thinking fresh mozzarella and mushrooms.

That should about do it. I am also thinking I should find something a bit more substantial to pack for Boom’s lunch (salad, yogurt, and a piece of fruit). Yarbs was amazed that that was all he eats for lunch, and I was all, “Well, that’s why he is so slender!”. Maybe I will fry up some tofu to put on his salads.


Menu Update

I made the Squash, Zucchini, Red Pepper Polenta casserole yesterday and it was pretty simple and quite tasty!

While not vegan (just veggie), it didn’t have a huge amount of cheese, egges or butter, and no milk or cream in it.  Yarbs came over for lunch and we feasted on it!

We ate half of the 9″ circular casserole.  Boom came home and wondered what happened to it – I was all, 1/4 in my belly and the other 1/4 in Yarb’s belly!  I am surprised that he wouldn’t have figured we ate it all – we are eaters!

It was, all in all, a success.  I will add it to my repertoire – I wonder if it would freeze ok…  may need to give that a shot.  Then I could make 3 at the same time and then just freeze 2 of ’em and pull them out when need be.


To help me be a better wife and cook, I am re-instating the posting of my menu, so you can all marvel at my cooking adventures.

I didn’t get to the grocery store today – there were way too many work men coming in and out of the house. So tomorrow I will go (ugh, one of the worst errands I can think of) and I will be making 3 dishes from my ART 180 cookbook.

Monday (today) – Succotash over quinoa and lentils (’tis very easy, one of my standbys – and also very healthy. Full of fiber!)

Tuesday – Summer squash, sweet pepper and polenta casserole (I will be out this night, so will make this during the day for Boom to enjoy)

Wednesday – Spinach & Sea Bass, with a side of cous cous or risotto

Thursday – Scampi Style tofu wrap (from Oprah’s vegan detox days) I made this a couple weeks ago – very yummy and fairly easy!

Friday – Spicy Veggie Pasta (may use rice pasta or something unusual like that)

Sat – Eating out.

Sun – Will have R over for brunch, so will likely make a bfast casserole and some monkey bread

Wish me luck on this endeavor.

Gooooooo Veggie!

Boom had been a great sport with my whole going veggie, ’cause it basically means he has to go veggie, by default, since I won’t cook meat and I am usually dealing with meals we eat in the house.  So I decided to try a recipe that Oprah used during her 21-day cleanse.  A tofu wrap – it was delish!  And it met all my criteria for a try-worthy recipe – short ingredient list and few steps to make it.

I like to dabble in veganism, but not sure I could give up eggs and butter.  This wrap is vegan and really, it was so good!  Full of flavor and just very fresh tasting.

Boom really enjoyed it as well!  It says it serves 4 for lunch, but we gobbled all of it up – the 2 of us for our dinner.  I think even non-veggies would enjoy this, or I could replace the tofu with a white fish and make spicy fish wraps!  So many possibilities!

Tingaling Homemaker

I haven’t been crafting much – with the move and all, I’ve had my hands full. Anyway, whilst unpacking, I came across Marm’s old, ratty yoga mat she gave to me many years ago as I was just started up practicing yoga. I used it for some time, but soon started finding bits and pieces of the blue mat stuck to my hands and feet. I got a new mat, but never threw away the old one – the thought of it in a landfill made me feel too guilty and literally kept me chucking it. I kept thinking I could come up with a new use for the old mat – and volia…

I cut up the mat and added some scallops…

..and created a lovely and durable under garbage can mat! (Our simplehuman butterlyfly trashcan, that I love, really hacked up the floor beneath it in the Richmond house, so I knew I needed to either put felt pads on the bottom of it or come up with another solution.) I love it! I kept opening the door to our pantry (where this all lives) a few days ago after I had made it so I could see it and bask in its cuteness!

Since that only took about 1/4th or less of the mat, I used the rest of the mat to line the under part of the kitchen sink:

Not too shabby, and then I only had an tiny little strip to throw away – so no guilt there. I actually wish I had more old, no-longer-in-use yoga mats so I could line all the under parts of all my sinks. I don’t have anymore, but I do have EE looking to see if they have one hanging around.

As with crafting, my baking has taken a back seat. Now that everything is here, I have all the tools I need. And my hand was forced – for some reason this week Boom and I were not that good about eating up our bananas. So I had 5 old, soft bananas to deal with yesterday. I had one with peanut butter toast for breakfast, and that was when I decided I need to bake up the remaining 4.

I looked around on-line for a recipe, but I mainly like recipes that have a short list of ingredients and not too many steps to finish. All the ones I was finding were too fancy. So I turned to my lovely ART 180 cookbook and found a great recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins – easy and they were delish!

I did one batch with 1 c wheat flour and the rest white flour, and the other batch with 1/2 c wheat flour, 1/2 c spelt flour and the rest white flour. The cinnamon really added a lot to how yummy they tasted and I used dark chocolate mini chunks.

Get the adorable cookbook and you too can have the delicious recipe! And you’ll be helping to support a wonderful organization.

Yarb can attest to how yummy the muffins are – she had one yesterday after lunch and then I sent her back to work with 5 others. By this morning they were all gone! I hope that Josephine was able to get one, before she gobbled them all up – I know in their house it is very cutthroat for any sweets that might be around.

Good to see that my economics degree from arguably the best public university in the country is getting put to good use 😉

Banana Walnut Biscotti

I used the Martha Stewart Cranberry – Pistachio recipe and altered it like the first commentator suggested, with 3 ripe bananas and about a cup of chopped walnuts.


Much better than the last batch – and I used up 3 bananas I had frozen a while ago, with the thought that I would make banana bread with them. Clearly that didn’t happen, so I am glad I used those bananas up!

I think I made my logs to big and wide, as I ended up with some monster biscotti pieces. Oh well, live and learn! I will say the (frozen) bananas made the dough much stickier, so it was harder to deal with than should have been.

[and it took 3 eggs, as well as some butter – my vegan baking is not coming along as I would have hoped – sigh.  But butter and eggs are hard to replace in baked goods.  I do have some vegan margarine that I should try in some recipes…  next time…]

Ratatouille & a Milky Way

Last night I made vegan ratatouille – served over organic polenta. The ratatouille turned out ok – I over peppered it. When I asked Boom if he thought I had over peppered it, he was like “Well, I love the ratatouille, but if you ever make it for a broader audience, perhaps you should lay off the pepper”. What a sweet guy. At least it had lots of veggies (zucchinis, eggplant, red bell pepper, can of tomatoes, chick peas, onions, & garlic)!


I had some issues with the polenta. I have never cooked it (bought the kind that is in a tube) – seemed easy enough, slice, and then fry until golden brown. Well, the first set of polenta rounds that I sliced were paper thin, quite literally. Once Boom got home, and I asked him how big 9/16″ is, I realized I had sliced them much too thin (they needed to be closer to 1/2″ thick). So I cooked up the rest of the polenta, slicing thicker. But they also didn’t really get”golden” brown with frying – just more yellow, but I assumed that meant they were cooked.

img_0283.jpg img_0284.jpg

Raw (?) polenta and then the fried polenta. Got a little bit darker, but I wouldn’t call that “golden” brown.


Final plate of ratatouille over polenta rounds. Not my fav recipe, but definitely worth trying out.

I think I need to make some more chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t really have anything sweet to eat, so I ended up busting into a king size Milky Way that we bought on a long plane ride home from somewhere (Nevis?) and didn’t end up eating, until last night. Boom laughed at me when he saw what I was going to have to dessert, but I was the last one laughing when he came over 30 minutes later to eat the other half of said Milky Way.