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The most expensive kitchen table ever

Well, not the most expensive, but pretty close, I have to think. And it is in my house (ha!) – but not for long… an 18th century walnut table from a church – so beautiful (but really too long for my space and much, much too much!).

I must have gone a little crazy / delirious – but I attribute it to not knowing what I am doing at all. And to a designer with very high end taste. Impeccable taste, really, but much too varsity for us right now at this stage in our lives.

So it is going back to her – also the bench (she just had them sent over to see if they fit the space). I really love the bench, but I think that it would be better in a long hallway – not behind a table. Not practical at all, especially if we have little munchkins in the near future. Also a French antique, so definitely not cheap.

All this decorating business has got me wound up. I woke up today at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I realized that we had to return the bench (the table was never really an option) as well, ’cause – like in poker – it upped the ante for all the other furniture that will ever been in the room. And I was hoping to get most of the kitchen completed for what the bench alone costs. And I never wanted a house full of one-of-a-kind 18th century pieces.

Not sure my current designer is the right person for me right now. She is great – has a great aesthetic, but 1) that makes it very cost prohibitive and 2) most things are not all that practical. Sigh. Should be fun having this conversation today.

Update: When I called the designer to tell her that I sent the bench back as well, she got it.  and understood that we were not on the same page.  So, I wasn’t able to tell her in person like I wanted to, but at least it was relatively not too painful.  But I still kinda feel bad.  So I wrote her a little note and mailed it to her with her tape measure (that she had left at my house) and all fabric swatches we got out yesterday.  Wow, only in H-town less than a month and already making enemies – I guess that is how I roll.