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I bet when we move to H-town our social calendar won’t look like this:

Boom is all like, Not right away, but soon, I have no doubt. Though I think he is secretly ok with it, since he is brought all the tax info down to do sometime this week or the next – and I think he thinks we were a bit too philanthropic this year…

I figure, maybe we were, but it is all about the karma. We are giving to charities we believe in, and thus getting good karma in return. And that can go a long way…



One of my favorite boards that I serve on is the ART 180 board.  Our mission is to change the lives of young people and their communities 180 degrees through art.   Not that the artwork itself will change lives or communities, but exposing young people to art and the artistic process and self expression and constructive time spent with mentors just might.

We are launching a new project in the fall called SOHO – Space of Her (or His) Own, based on the SOHO project in Alexandria, VA.  This project will entail one-on-one mentoring of about 20 young people (middle school aged kids) for a year – they will meet once a week with their mentors, work on homework, eat a nutritious meal, and then work on an art project for their final project (and prize) – a new space of their own!  Their rooms will get a make over at the end of the year.

Today in our board meeting, some of the ART 180 staff had gone up to visit the SOHO project in Alexandria.  And what they had to say was amazing / shocking… Our program leader asked if there sibling rivalry (i.e. 1 sibling is in the program and gets a new room while the other one is not) is ever an issue.  In Alexandria, the problem is not with jealous siblings, but rather jealous mothers.  They have had issues where the mom of the daughter that is in the SOHO program takes over the daughters room!  I couldn’t believe it – it makes me want to cry.

I think of my mom, who did everything in her power to give Yarbs and I everything we needed and wanted,  my mom – who “loves” the heel of the bread, who just wants Yarbs and I to be happy and successful, who gives and gives willingly and happily, who always pushed us and pushed us to be our best, who would never take anything from us… how different and difficult it must be having a mom who would take your re-made room that you worked 9 months on creating.  How, if you are that kid, there are so many things already in place for you to fail.

And I guess many of the mothers themselves are young and perhaps a little ill-equipped – never having much support themselves (I imagine), so they can’t really be blamed.  It just seems so sad to me…

Maybe our Richmond SOHO project will give one or two or five young people the support and self-confidence they need to change their lives.  To grow up to be like my mom, that is my hope.

Week of Friends

This week has been great! Seeing lots of friends…

Monday night I had Mexican with JP and little C-line. Very good to catch up with her – and the babe has grown so much! Last night Trav invited us over for Curry Chicken from the crockpot. Very delish and I was quite impressed with his cooking skills! Tonight Stevie and I are going to try a new restaurant down the street from me called Verbena. We shall see how that is. Thursday night I have “off” since I will be at art class and Friday (Leap Day!) is the ART180 / SPCA / Cultured Vultures happy hour:


and Saturday we are having a Texas Independence party!!!


Complete with Shiner Bock, brisket (and rolls for sandys), 7 layer dip, salsa / chips / guac, margaritas, etc. So it will have a Texas / TexMex sort of theme – I even got a Texas state shaped cookie cutter off Ebay (just hope it gets here in time!). Cowboy boot and hats are encouraged, a$$less chaps are discouraged 😉

Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom


Here are some cute photos from the event…

bar.jpg  sm-table.jpg food.jpg

Bar – table decor – food

check-in.jpg bags1.jpg

check in – goodie bags

committee.jpg My fabulous committee!

gals.jpg The gals

boys.jpg The guys

Everyone had a great time – and we likely netted $8 – $9K for SCAN!!!


The event last night was a BIG hit!  Everyone had a great time, we had a great turnout (totally oversold the event, but that is just more money for SCAN!), the band was fun and no one wanted to leave at the end of the night.  Which is good, but was annoying for me, as we had to get the place cleaned up…  and I was feeling really crappy yesterday, today is a little bit better – but I feel like my head is in a bubble it is all stuffed up…

Anyway, everything ran really smoothly – the bar had a few hiccups, but we are learning and so not bad at all for the first year!  and everyone kept saying what a good party it was, so that is nice.

I will post photos later….

Party Prep

This week had been devoted to getting ready for SCAN’s Board of Young Professionals Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom. The house has been SCAN central – Boom was gone all week, sadly, but perhaps it was for the best, as the dining room was looking pretty scary there for a while.

90 masks – all of which I “spruced” up with extra feathers and added the sticks that they theoretically would be held by, but this is what will be stuck into the vases with beads in ’em.

masksfront.jpg masksback.jpg

maskssticks.jpg masksbox.jpg

70 pounds of beads – these will be used in all the vases, grouped together by color to produce “stripes”of beads.

grnbeads.jpg vasebeads.jpg

beads1.jpg beads2.jpg

36L of Rum & Bourbon – Our high end bourbon costs $55/750ml! Thank goodness it was all donated!


125 gift bags – no BYP members can take a gift bag… 1 per couple! Stapling the “label” I made on the front was a real pain. Next year the committee should print the “label” onto a sticky nametag type thing – would be a little easier.


300 cups – they turned out really cute!  But I do wish they also had the SCAN logo on ’em – that was my fault.  I was rushed to get the logo to Gentz (who donated the cups as they have her stores’ logo on ’em) b/c I was headed off the the cruise…  oh well, what can you do?


Tomorrow all my hard work will pay off!  I can’t wait – it will be a good time!  and 191 tickets sold (out of an available 200) – yay!

Now I am just really excited to see Boom!  He has to leave again on Sunday, so we don’t get much time together, esp with the big party this weekend.  (Sigh)


Tonight I was working on the SCAN Bourbon Street in Shockoe Bottom center pieces, which are masks, made by kiddies. There are about 95 of them, and I decided that most all of them needed “sprucing up”. So, for about an hour, I glued on more feathers to each mask. They are really cute, so I am not sure why I felt the need to spruce them up…. oh well, ’tis my OCD coming out…

Vases full of beads will hold the masks (once each mask is put on a stick – tonight I put 48 on sticks – colored pencils! very clever, I thought). However, I don’t want the beads put into the vases pell mell – I want the to have stripes of color, which means grouping the beads… I think my committee will think I am a freak! But I want things to look a certain way…

And luckily for us, the venue that we are holding the event, Main Street Station, is quite beautiful in it’s own right. It recently went through a renovation – so nothing can be hung, taped, secured, etc to any surface. Which makes things easier for us.

I am excited for this event! Lots of hard work and hopefully everyone will have a good time. We’ll be raising money and awareness around stopping child abuse right here in the community that we live in.