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We are finally back home after 2 weeks up on Cape Cod.  I had grand plans to blog from the iPad, but clearly that didn’t happen.

Here is a quick photo summary of what we did:

Spent lots of time with loved ones.  Boom has 2 sisters and a brother and they all have kids, so it was great that we got to see them and hang out!

Read. JJ loves his grandpy!  J is his namesake, so it makes sense.

Celebrated.  Since all 18 of us haven’t been together in ages (3 years!), we’ve started a tradition of doing Christmas in July.  Nana even put up a mini-Christmas tree!  The kids loved getting gifts randomly in July.

Little Sailor got christened up there, so it was a great excuse to have a…

CLAMBAKE!  What is a visit to the Cape without a clambake?!  and all of Boom’s uncles and aunts and their kids were there to celebrate with us.  39 folks in total.  So fun to see the extended family.

Played.  JJ had no shortage of playmates.  His cousins loved playing with him.

Experienced baseball.  This was my first trip to Fenway!  We had great seats, compliments of Boom’s brother, in row J – just 10 rows up from the field!

We went to a Chatham Anglers baseball game  – gotta love the Cape League!  Lots of famous players once played in the Cape League (like Jason Varitek and Jacoby Elsbery, both of the Boston Red Sox).

Smiled.  The whole time we were up there, the boys were really great!  So lots of smiles from them and us!

“Swam”.  JJ loves the ocean!  He couldn’t get enough of the beach and water – and he has no fear.  He would walk into the ocean over his head, and when we’d pick him up out of it, he’d be smiling and laughing!

Entertained.  Probably the toughest parts about going up to the Cape is the long flight – I did a good job, I think, stocking up on things to keep JJ amused on both flights.  He had stickers, crayons, markers, coloring books, new snacks, fun new toys, and something I would highly recommend for anyone traveling with a toddler – a plastic Slinky!  It probably cost me about $1, but J loved playing with it.  We didn’t even had to bust out the iPad on either flights.  I was quite pleased.  Little Sailor, being less mobile and more sleepy, slept for a good portion of both flights.

Many thanks to Nana and Grandpy for hosting us and loving on the boys so much!  We had a wonderful time.


Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

To my mom, whom I don’t give enough credit to.  She, along with my dad, raised me and Yarbs to be who we are today – and we totally kick a$$  🙂

Mom, you are amazing.  Yarbs and I are truly lucky to have you as a mom, and JJ and Sailor are especially lucky to have you as a grandmother!  You are so awesome to the boys.  Everyone should have someone in their lives that love them as much as you love JJ and Sailor.

And to my boys – you both are making me a better person and mom each day!  I love being your mom – more than I ever imagined possible!

And to my many mom friends – you all inspire and teach me so much!  Glad to have such an awesome support group and not have to face the challenge of raising children alone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Hoppy Easter!

Sunday was the first time we had JJ hold little Sailor, and he was most pleased!  You can see what a proud big brother he is.  And a good one – he is so sweet to his baby bro.  Little Sailor already looks up to him as well!  and with good reason – JJ is a really great boy!

JJ went on his third and final Easter egg hunt – and he finally got the hang of picking eggs up and putting them in his basket!  Before this, he would usually pick up 2 eggs and knock them together, like we do with the egg-shaped shakers at music class.

We got JJ this adorable dump truck for Easter that he loves!  His buddy Mustang has the same one, just different colors, and JJ has always loved borrowing his.  So now he has his own.  I love it because it is so big – and cute!  and in UVa colors – perfect!  I think we want to get a UVa sticker to put on the hood.

I had grand plans of making Sailor and JJ (and some special friends) some stuffed bunnies for Easter.  I have sewed them all and turned them right side out, but stuffing and sewing up has proven more time consuming than I had originally anticipated.

(here they are before I sewed them and turned them right side out)

We’ve had a lot going on, not to mention we have a newborn!  So I don’t feel bad – these will eventually be finished and given out as Year of the Golden Rabbit gifts!

As a side note, PoPo is in town now (yay!) for the last time until July (sniff sniff)!

(here she is admiring Sailors double chin!  He is a fatty!)

She has been so helpful – and I have been able to get out in the wee hours of the morning to go on power walks.  I had forgotten how much I love having a little bit of time to myself for exercising early in the morning – it really makes my day!  I hope when she leaves I can still figure out a way to keep on walking and then eventually running!  I will be a really happy girl on that day!


My mom, PoPo extraordinaire (night nurse and full time helper, as well!), left on Tuesday.    It was a sad day in our household.  PoPo was so very helpful with everything!  But she’ll be back, thank goodness.

The thought of being alone with the 2 babies definitely was a frightening proposition.  Luckily, Boom was able to help out a bunch on Tuesday afternoon / evening – his mom got into town on Wednesday late afternoon.

BUT that meant I had most all of Tuesday with the boys – and it was kind of crazy.  Just crazy in that the little baby eats, poops, and pees constantly.  and sleeps very little.  And crazy in that JJ and I couldn’t leave the house, since the little baby is still too little – I can’t remember a day since he was about 8 weeks old that we didn’t leave the house at least once!  So trying to figure out things to keep him occupied, while I was occupied with little Sailor, was interesting.

Luckily, our friend Little L and her mom came over for a play date in the morning.  That really helped JJ have some fun and use up some energy, whilst staying at home.  Sailor actually napped (in the swing) for most of the play date.  Usually he looks like this in the swing:

Eyes wide open and fully awake!  I guess he was tired and all the noise from the kiddos and toys was good background noise.

I didn’t get any photos during the play date, wish I had, as they were really very cute together!  I realized last night we need to get a sandbox, so that this summer, if we need to be house bound, we can have a fun thing to play in in the backyard.  And JJ loves sand!  Will be fun to have play dates with it.  I hope that my friends don’t mind coming over too much 😉

The Reinforcement

My mom, JJ’s Popo, got into town yesterday – YAY!  I know I was really excited to see her, as was Boom, and definitely JJ was too.  We had been practicing his saying “Popo” for a few days, and he was able to do so (once he decided he wanted to) when she was here.

Sunday afternoon they played and played together – I love the sound of him laughing, and he was just laughing and laughing when they were playing together.  It is really, really sweet.

Even Boom commented, JJ loves your mom so much!  Yes, it is true, he most certainly does.  What is not to love, when someone thinks you are the cat’s meow!

Last night, though, it really occurred to me how less stressed I felt because my mom is here.  It is nice not having to worry about who will watch JJ if/when I go into labor.

Speaking of, Brady Gaga has 17 days before my scheduled C- section.  Hopefully s/he will cooperate and decide to come out naturally!

Deadline Crafter Strikes Again – Full Sized Apron Complete!

One of Boom’s sisters turns the big 4-oh at the end of this week.  L is really kind and into baking, so I knew I wanted to send her some baking cook books (I picked this one and this one, since she is a gluten-free girl).  But I also really wanted to make her an apron – but as you all know, I really didn’t need another project on my plate.  I was planning on making a quick half apron, but decided that a full apron would be much more useful.  So I had to find a tute – and a quick one, at that.  I came across this tute – many thanks to Mandy/Sugar Bee blog – it fit the bill exactly!  Cute, and quick.

I think it came out quite well!

I even made some adjustments to make it even quicker – here are my changes:

1) I added the top trim measurements to the top trim fabric and the waist trim to the lower measurements – and then finished the edges like a napkin, except on top section’s bottom edge that connects to the lower portion.

2) I sewed the ribbon right onto the front of the fabrics – so the “waist” ribbon enclosed the top sections raw bottom edge.

3) I also omitted the ruffle at the bottom and pocket (inadvertently on the pocket – just forgot to make it and once I remembered, I had already wrapped and packaged up the apron to be mailed).

I thought about using ribbon for the neck and waist ties, but I didn’t.  That would have saved some time as well.  This is what works for me for turning out long tubes of fabric (like the ties):  pin a safety pin on one end of the tube.  Use a chopstick to push the safety pin to the opposite opening – then just push the fabric over the chop stick – right side out.  It works like a dream!

I think this apron probably took around 3 hours to make from start to finish – which is very good considering it is a full apron and it is detailed and cute.  I had to split it up over 2 days, but in  a pinch, one could certainly do it in a single sitting.  Very good for such a deadline driven crafter as myself!

Here is the hubs begrudgingly modeling the apron I handmade for his sister!

I mailed it off today – maybe she’ll get it on her actual bday!  I hope she likes it and appreciates the hard work that went into it!




Happy Birthday, Mom!

To a great mom and THE BEST Popo (grandmother) ever – happy birthday!  We love you so much!

JJ can’t wait to get an iPhone so that he can text with you!!!