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Channeling his inner Maverick

At last Friday’s play group, I decided Baby J should bust out the adorable flight suit that our great friend J and M in Dallas gave us.  And all the mommies LOVED the flight suit!  It was a huge hit!  I guess it helps when the model is just too adorable.

Baby J is ready to get on the Highway to the Danger Zone!  Good thing he can’t walk, as that sounds much too dangerous for him!

My favorite comment from one of the moms:  “When I thought Baby J’s outfits couldn’t get any cuter, he shows up in this!  It is sooo adorable!”

Like I said, I usually look like a homeless woman, but my baby – he always looks good 🙂


Chock Full…

Last week I booked myself for many activities (some might say too many)… the only night I had “off” was Tuesday!

Monday night – dinner out with friends… read all about it here.

img_2440Wednesday – THE ART OF FASHION Fashion Show

I wasn’t really sure what to expect – it was a lot of fun!  Tons of folks – drinks – and some light munchies.  They had some adorable mac and cheese cups – which were so tasty!

img_2438Fun times with the gals!  And the shoes were awesome!  I just love shoes – and my adorable Gucci flats were there on display!  I am glad to see that they are not totally last season.

img_2443Got to see my new buddy W, who is a man about town!  He is everywhere!  And got to see some photos of his new g-friend (who could not make it) and also meet some of his friends.

Thursday – had two events to go to – the first was an Emerging Leaders happy hour at two model homes in a random part of downtown, the other side of downtown that I had never been to.  It was random, but good to 1) see that part of town, and 2) meet some of the other people involved in EL.

The second event was a ChildBuilders happy hour at Blancos.  I really like Blancos and had a great time there – got to know some folks involved with ChildBuilders.  and a new friend, K, met us there.  She is just FABULASH!  Excited to go to dinner on Friday with her and her hubby, along with E and T.  Should be good times.

img_2446Cute cute cute!  The JLH and HAWC brought us all together!  I am excited to go back to Blanco this coming weekend for LBW’s dad’s 60th birthday!

Friday – was The HOT Happening at Tootsies – and it was packed!  Tons of folks – and organic cotton candy from Ruggles Green! Yummy – it was apple flavored, and also green in color.


Tootsies carries a ton of great labels!  I love Alice + Olivia so much – I can’t wait until it is warm to wear my white and green polka dotted Alice + Olivia shoes out and about.  And they had some great Chan Luu bracelets and jewelry.  I am definitely shopping there next time I need a new frock!  Anyway, it was a fun event – great people watching.  All the usual suspects were there, which is to be expected.

A good, full week.  I think I am going to not be as busy this week.  By choice.  We’ll see how it goes… sometimes it is hard as the  week nights just seem to fill up!

Long Dresses are the worst!

For work, I need to have a long, fancy dress for Opening night (which is Friday). Of course I wait until the last minute – on Monday night, I skipped class to go to the Galleria (blah). I hate shopping when I have to buy one very specific item, esp. one that can get very pricey, that I don’t really like all that much.

And the Galleria is huge! Since I didn’t know where stores were located, I passed many of the same places multiple times. It was sweet (ha). And this shopping excursion made me realize that there are SO MANY cute short dresses, that I would have paid 2X what I paid for the long dress – I love short dresses and they are so much less cheesy than long ones. (That is my main complaint – most of the long dresses I saw were so cheesy and not modern.) Oh well.

I did find a really cool and beautiful long gown by Vera Wang Lavender Label, but it was too small for me and also on sale, so no others to be found in my size. (Her long gowns are refreshingly simple and beautiful – not surprising!)

This is what I ended up with:

A Kay Unger dress from Ann Taylor. So it wasn’t too hugely expensive, since I likely will only wear it for work functions. And work will subsidize $100 for a dress a year. Still not happy about it, since I don’t like long dresses, but oh well. Nothing I can do.

The season starts on Friday. and everyone says how much busier we are when the season starts, but I can’t imagine being too much busier.  I think a big issue is the class I have two times a week.  That really makes my usable time during the week very short.  I thought maybe I’d take the next set of classed, but I am thinking maybe not.  I need to time to be sociable!

Buy these shoes IMMEDIATELY!

I was wearing my new shoes today – and when I was in line at Starbucks, a complete stranger was all, I love your shoes! and I told her that she could go get her own, at Target! and that they were cheep cheep. Then in a span of less than 1 minute and not sure how, I found out that she just turned 39-years-old, was married 13 weeks ago and is 11 weeks pregnant! Folks in Texas sure are more friendly and open than what I am used to!

On to my run… I had run 10 miles on Sat, then yogidy on Sun, but nothing Mon or Tues morn. And then I had an ice coffee this morning waiting for the repair man to come – and a skinny cinnamon dulce latte in the afternoon – I really figured that I would need to go for a run to be able to sleep tonight, with all that caffeine coursing through my veins.

Anyway, it was the first time I had worn my new running shoes:

It was like running on clouds! So lovely.

Camo is cool

My roll-ey bag died and we left it back in Richmond.  It served me well – through all the years of consulting – getting on planes Monday morning and then back on Thursday night.  So for a while now, Boom has been talking about getting me a camo Dakine bag.  The pattern (Digi Camo!) is like this:

Not this exact bag, but the smaller version of it.  I have always thought it was cute, but kinda random that Boom would specifically pick that out for me.

Anyway, Yarbs and I went to the Galleria yesterday to get her iPod checked out (I think it’s life is nearing the end – it gets way too wet when Yarbs runs, and she is too cheep cheep to spring for a new holder from China for $6 – free shipping!) and we had some time to tool around.

I found the camo pattern and bag(s) that I really want:

Louis Vutton Monogramouflage!  Designed by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist.  Clearly this is just a pipe dream – but isn’t the pattern cute?!  I am really digging it.  One day, when I win the lotto…

Simply Vera

I am loving the trend of designers partnering up with low-end retailers to provide designer mass-produced goods…

Martha Stewart Everyday at K- Mart.  Isaac Mizrahi for Target.  Simply Vera at Kohl’s.  Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve and Barrys.  The list could go on and on… (Tar-jay really has done a great job.  There are tons of designers, in so many of their departments:  jewlery / home goods / clothing / baby, and the price point is great!).

I was very excited when I hear Vera Wang was teaming with Kohl’s to produce a line.  But Yarbs checked it out a couple months ago and didn’t have rave reviews.  I needed to get some capri leggings last week for a “theatrical” black tie event we went to on Saturday, and I decided I would check out the Vera Wang line at Kohl’s.  To be clear, I had never been in a Kohl’s before (not that I am a snoot, but just never had been in one).  So if their goal was to bring in new customers with the SV line, it worked!


And I was very impressed!  Compared to everything else in there, the SV line was very fashion forward.  So much so that I wondered who buys the line there – I guess the new customers they have attracted.  I tried a few pieces on – and they were cute.  But her shape right now is very trapeze and billowy.  With the extra lbs I am carrying, it is not a good look for me (but if I ever get preggers, I can wear her line and not maternity clothes!).  I did like her designs and looks.  I checked out her shoes, and those I felt looked a little cheap.  I had seen them in magazines, and they looked better in print than in person.  Cheap shoes are hard to pull off.  If you use patent or metallic, I think cheap shoes can work.  But cheap leather (or faux) just looks cheap to me.

Anyway, I ended up getting a pair of black capri leggings (they had other colors and I was tempted to buy a couple other pairs, but when else would I wear them?) and a pair of sunglasses.  Oversized.


I also really like her packaging.  So much for me is in the packaging.


I am really enjoying the sunglasses – wear them everyday that it is sunny!  Unfort, I put a little run into the capri leggings (since I am a spaz) – but they were very comfortable and I really am tempted to go back out there and get another pair of black as well as some of the other colors…  if only the store wasn’t all the way out in Short Pump…


Over the past year, I have been against (really) cheap shoes.  They are usually uncomfortable, among other issues.  BUT, just last week I was at Tar-jay and saw the cutest flats – totally reminded me of Sigerson Morrison shoes –  at a tenth of the price!


(Clearly a shoe model I am not) Cute, eh?!


And cheepies in (faux) patent leather always look cuter than faux leather.

So here are some Sigerson Morrison flats:



You can see the resemblance, right?   And my cheepies are fairly comfortable, but just not breathable at all so my feet sweat when I wear them.  Oh well, small price for such cute, cheap flats!  I am enjoying the warmer weather, as I am can wear these with jeans!